Your Habit Roadmap is an easy-to-use tool that helps make positive actions and behaviors automatic.

If you can train yourself to take the right actions everyday, then success becomes inevitable!

So write down your habits, pin up your Roadmap, and visually track your progress.

Before you know it, all the positive actions you struggle to do will become second nature - empowering you to achieve your goals and become your best self.

“ We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

- Will Durant

Step 1: Choose your habits

Write down the daily and weekly habits you want to adopt

Step 2: Set your weekly goal

Decide how many times a week you’ll hit your daily habits and record your target in the Weekly Goal section.

Step 3: Detail your weekly targets

As well as space to check off your habit, the Weekly Targets section has room for adding more detail.

Step 4: Track your progress

Check each day you achieve your habit to create a winning streak. Then your only job is to not break the chain!


For best results, pin up your Roadmap somewhere visible so you can keep yourself motivated by your growing chain. Alternatively, fold away your Habit Roadmap and tuck it inside your SELF Journal or SELF Scholar for safe keeping and daily use.

Track habits for specific goals

How To Choose What Habits to Track

Whether you’re leveraging habits to achieve a goal, or you want to improve your life by transforming everyday behaviors, your Habit Roadmap has your back.

How do you achieve a big, scary goal?

You break it down into bite-sized actions that you take everyday. For example:


Become a published author

Grow your business

Lose 15lbs


Write 300 words a day

​Publish one piece of content a day

Do a 30-minute power walk a day

Top Tips to Make Your Good Habits Stick

1. Make your habits easy to win.

Change is hard and uncomfortable - it’s why we resist change (even small changes!) Make it as easy as possible to create a winning streak with small targets that set you up to win. You can always up the ante as new habits become an instinctive part of who you are.

2. Know your why.

You can’t build new habits on willpower alone - especially habits that take a lot of effort to do. Your why provides the deeper level motivation you need to stick to your commitments. If your why is strong enough, you’ll unlock the resilience you need to keep going - even when it’s tough.

3. Make yourself accountable.

Support yourself to keep going when you’re having a bad day by leveraging the support of others who have your back. Share your habits with your partner, your coach, and like-minded peers who’ve got your back, and you’re more likely to win. Even better, give your second roadmap to a friend and buddy up.

4. Don't beat yourself up.

Change is tough because it requires you to drop old behaviors, habits, and choices. There’s a good chance you’ll have an off day (or week), when things don’t go to plan and you fall off the wagon. If that happens, don’t be too hard on yourself. Just regroup and start again.

5. Plan your time.

Make your habits a non-negotiable by scheduling time to do them in your SELF Journal. Don’t make lack of time the reason you fall short of where you want to be. Instead, plan in the habits you want to stick and empower yourself to make success inevitable.

6. Reflect on your performance.

Knowledge is power. Take the time to review your progress and you’ll unlock the insights to help you progress faster. What are your triggers? What’s helping you win? What’s holding you back or spurring you on?

Perfect Partners

Don't have your Habit Roadmap yet?

Once you have your Habit Roadmap, check out our SELF Journal and Scribe which work with your roadmap to help you maximize your goals.