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We’ve got something great for you to kick-off the New Year.

Many of you have been using the SELF Journal now… with great success.

And you’ve been asking for something just for you.

A sleeker, slimmer SELF Journal without the “How-To” guide in the beginning because you don’t need it!

Well, we’ve listened.

And the Graduate Journal is ALMOST ready! We're just putting on some finishing touches.

2017 Make Your Year


But we’re super excited and couldn’t wait to let you guys know about it first.

And as part of the release of the Graduate Journal, you’ll find a special challenge inside just for you veterans.

This challenge will boost your success and help you achieve your goals in less time.

Plus there’ll be a fantastic prize from us if you complete the challenge.

That’s all we can say for now… but stay on the lookout for more info on the Graduate Journal!



As you all know, Cathryn & Allen started BestSelf Co. about a year ago.

Just the two of them working hard, launching a Kickstarter campaign and hoping everything would go off without a hitch.

Now, a year later, they have a team of 12 and an amazing community of all of you to be thankful for.

That kind of success is HUGE.

And recently, they were awarded for it!

They were both named one of Forbes’ Top 30 under 30 for Retail & E-commerce.

Unfortunately, Cathryn was born 34 days too early to be eligible to accept the award... she had just turned 30!

But Allen’s still there representing all the hard work they’ve both put in and the success they’ve achieved.

Forbes Top 30 Under 30: Retail and Ecommerce

Check out the article here: Forbes Top 30 under 30, Retail & Ecommerce

It’s such a big win for the entire team at BestSelf and a huge congratulations to both Allen & Cathryn for such an awesome accomplishment!

And of course, all of this is because of you guys! BIG thank you to all of you for being part of the BestSelf community and helping make it happen.


Customer Stories

If you’ve been following our Motivational Monday newsletters since the beginning, you’ll know Jeremy Montoya. If not, (or if you need a refresher) check out this past issue of Motivation Monday.

3 months ago, Jeremy recorded an awesome video showing how he broke down his big goals into smaller, actionable steps using the SELF Journal. Check out the video here on his Youtube channel.

Jeremy Montoya Youtube Video

Jeremy Montoya Youtube Channel

Jeremy had originally set 3 different result goals:

  1. Create $4000 in monthly recurring revenue
  2. Pick name for new project and formally launch
  3. Intermittent fast for 30 days straight


Now, 3 months later, we’ve followed up with Jeremy again to see how he’s been doing and the results of his experiment. Here’s Jeremy to share his insights, challenges & results:


Tell us a bit about yourself!

In early 2015 I was struggling to make ends meet so I hired Bryan Harris from Videofruit to help coach me after seeing him grow his business over the last 5 years.

I needed to earn money fast so I started offering services around skills I had. This ranged from podcasting, to graphic design, to email marketing.

Since then I’ve continued to service clients with podcast and list-building services.

While I started building my podcast agency I’ve also been sharing my findings and building my personal brand.

I recently (late 2016) did an assessment of how I was building my personal brand and decided to take some time off to change some things up so that I can:

1) attract more of my target audience (20-something’s who want to be their own boss and launch a creation)

2) share more of my personality and skills with the world.

This is where the SELF Journal came in handy. It helped me set and achieve goals of starting and building my new email list and re-launching my personal brand.

In September 2016 I started an experiment on YouTube that turned into a (mostly) weekly vlog. I even included my experience in setting my goals with the SELF Journal.

Jeremy Montoya 13-Week Roadmap Goal 1

Jeremy Montoya 13-Week Roadmap Goal 2

Jeremy Montoya 13-Week Roadmap Goal 3

What challenges did you find with breaking down your goal & choosing daily targets?

Deciding on what was the right thing to focus on was the hardest part for me.

Making goals feels like a big decision and it hard to feel 100% confident that you’re choosing the right thing.

SELF Journal helped me think about the next 3 months as the bigger picture which helped me think through what’s doable and would feel good to accomplish instead of thinking about a 1 or 5-year plan.

When I got the journal it was right before October 2016 and I was ready to hit the ground running on the first… But that didn’t happen.

Instead, I delayed and resisted setting new goals for some reason and didn’t hash my goals out until the 15th of October. I highly regret losing that time but it motivated me to get in, set my goals, and take action to make them happen.


How does your journal fit into your daily routine? (When do you write in it?)

Sometimes it’s first thing in the morning or the first free second I have in my Uber or at a coffee shop when I finally sit down.

My mornings can be crazy with meetings but if I didn’t start my day by planning strategically I pull out my SELF Journal and retroactively fill anything I missed while setting up the rest of my day and what I’m going to do.

Whatever the situation I make sure it gets done because my future deserves the attention.

Jeremy Montoya SELF Journal Daily Planner

How has using the SELF Journal changed the way you approach your day think about your goals?

I was in the habit of focusing on small things daily and writing out my intentions, but I didn’t stay focusing on singular goals which meant a lot of doing things but not getting anywhere.

SELF Journal took the haze out of big goals and helps me think in smaller chunks to really get big things done.

While I still put everything in my Journal AND my digital calendar, seeing it and writing it down with a pen seems to make it more concrete in my mind.


What have been some of your most memorable “Wins” or “Lessons Learned” in your journal so far?

One of my milestone goals revolves around re-launching my personal brand. I’ve built a small list over the last year but have recently started looking at what I do differently so I decided to build a new list.

My first milestone was getting to 100 subscribers so that I could send my first email and see what they wanted to hear from me about.

On Monday, November 21st I earned my 100th subscriber and started drafting up a message to send right after.

I’ve now sent out four weekly emails and am planning my first giveaway!

Jeremy Montoya SELF Journal Monthly Planner

What’s your favorite part of your SELF journal?

Having a guide I can turn to daily, like a template, to start and check in on what matters to me on a daily basis.

I also enjoy having something physical that represents a small window of time that I can work with. Before the SELF Journal I would get lost thinking about 2-5 year intervals and the 90-day window has helped me laser-focus on what I can do RIGHT NOW.


What’s your favorite quote?

“If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission.”Anonymous