Customer Stories

Matthew Hoelscher

Matthew Hoelscher is one of the members in BestSelf Alliance. We follow all of the stories of members who post in the group, but Matthew’s story stood out to us.

Matthew is a sex and relationship coach who helps couples find self-mastery by making marriage a living practice. He runs a thriving coaching practice at his home office in Miami, Florida. You can check out his businesses ParentMarriage and Miami Executive Coach.

So why did Matthew’s story stand out to us? Well, this is the post we saw from him on Best Self Alliance:

3rd BSJ is finished.My goal was $6000 per month in sales. I averaged $7,700! I am one new client away from my 2nd $10k month this year. I finished 2 out of 3 of my goals and 20 out of 39 original weekly milestones.

In short, Matthews an awesome guy who’s got a long list of achievements (including reading 500 books in 7 years!).

After seeing Matthew’s incredibly successful results, we knew we had to reach out to him and hear his story… so all of you can learn from the techniques he implemented too! Here’s Matthew to explain his work and how he’s created success using the SELF Journal:
You’ve used 3 SELF Journals now, could you share what your goals were for each of them & whether you succeeded (or surpassed) them by the end of the 3 months?

My first goal was to get 3 new clients and earn $750 each week. After my second SELF Journal, I shifted to a monthly financial goal. I also wanted to do a weekly Facebook Ad, write a book, produce my first webinar in 13 weeks, write two email sequences, and create a few Youtube videos. At this point, I was earning $1000/month and eventually up to $3000/month. Partway through, I learned that new clients enjoyed reading reviews so my goal shifted to get reviews written on different platforms like Google.

The goal I set for my second SELF Journal was to earn $4000/month. I planned to revise my website to make it more accessible, finish an email autoresponder and start paying for traffic on Google. Halfway through, a friend pointed me to a new lead capturing app which I turned to in order to hit my goal. By the time I finished my second journal, I was had gone from earning $3000/month to $6000/month.

Finally, my goal for my third SELF Journal was to continue earning $6000/month in sales. I planned to create some blog content for my website and work on marketing campaigns. I created my first 10 videos to support my website and saw a huge bump in conversion! After my third journal, I’ve now gone from $6000/month in sales to $11,500/month!

What have been some of your most memorable “Wins” or “Lessons Learned” in your journal so far?

To be thankful for every new client that comes in. I’ve also learned to “fire” my clients who become pains in the butt! The money isn’t worth the energy drain. My biggest “lesson learned” was the $1356 fine I was given for using the word “marriage counselor” on my website. I had gotten cocky and wanted to prove something to people who were saying that I wasn’t qualified to help people since I wasn’t a licensed psychologist. I learned that I always needed to protect myself from getting pulled in by sucky jealous haters and focus on my own goals!

Matthew Hoelscher dog

What’s your favorite section or quote from your SELF Journal?

Definitely the “Goals” section. I use it for writing a daily intention! I’ve never used this section in my first journal but I wrote a few good ones in my second journal and they all manifested into my life. I was never one to believe in just thinking alone but everything starts with a thought! The SELF Journal focuses heavily on gratitude which is giving thanks for receiving.

I’ve learned that you must first set an intention and be humble and worthy to ask for what you want in life. I can’t believe how difficult this one was to do because I didn’t feel worthy to even ASK! Once I did start, I would write something like “I would like to welcome 3 new clients who are my ideal couple and are eager to pay me for my help!”. Two days later, my phone is ringing and I’m closing like crazy!

Now that I’m onto my fourth journal, my most important task is to set that intention!
You just started your fourth SELF Journal, could you share with us the goals you set & how you chose them?

My strategy is to keep making my goals tighter as I go. Each journal keeps getting better as I get better as saying no and only putting the most important goals into my journal. I decided my target would be to spend 30 minutes each day on each of my 3 goals which is my “goal work” time. I call them “Pomodoro Units”.

For my fourth journal, I’m aiming for $10,000/month in sales, 2 videos and 1 blog post a week, and a webinar. I plan for each of those project using Pomodoro Units (PUs). So, for example, the videos and blog post each week take up 10 PUs. This means I have 5 other PUs dedicated for the webinar and other projects. I’ve learned that I have around 20-30 PUs each week. I’m only aiming to use about 50% of that towards my goal instead of aiming for 100% and burning out in the process!

Do you have any tips for new SELF Journal users about how to get the most out of it?

We’re all taught that books are sacred and should be worshipped. We think we should only write down our very best ideas in our best handwriting. Or worse, write down our goals in pencil so we can erase any mistakes and cover the tracks of our anxiety to appear perfect.


Throw your SELF Journal on the ground. Spill coffee on it. Write in it with crayon. And, for God’s sake, if you make a mistake, make it big - write it in pen, cross the shit out and move the f*** on! You don’t have time to erase. Nobody is looking! This is not a holy book. You paid for it so use it any way you like! It’s the process of using the journal that adds value, not the answers. There are no right or wrong answers.

In my first journal, I used to beat myself up over everything I didn’t get done. I would waste time going back to fill in what I missed.It wasn’t until my third that I realized blank pages happen. Instead of going back to fix up our mistakes, we need to focus on what we can do today and tomorrow.

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