Sometimes we set goals only to realize a few weeks in that it just doesn’t feel right. Maybe our priorities of changed, or maybe the goal we’d set wasn’t in line with what we want to achieve.

It can be difficult to ditch our goals… it seems like we’re giving up. But sometimes that’s exactly what we need to do to be our best self and achieve success.

Either way, we’re faced with a decision: Should we keep going or ditch our goals?

We’ve put together a new blog post to help you answer this question:

Out With The Old & In With The New: A Comprehensive Guide To Ditching Your Goal.

Guide To Ditching Your Goal


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Some of you guys may know that Cathryn has also helped tons of budding entrepreneurs launch their products on Kickstarter. With her course From Zero To Funded, they've raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, built entire businesses, and quit their jobs.

Elizabeth was one of her students. She went from being a full-time mom to raising over $104,000 on Kickstarter... to appearing on Shark Tank just recently!

Her business Little Nomad created designer foam play mats that kids and their mamas love! Cathryn shared more of Elizabeth's story here. Check it out!

Elizabeth's Story Little Might

Featured Find

Many of you are on a path towards building independence and freedom in your careers whether it’s by building a business or working on passion projects.

Often, once we leave school, we forget to learn. But learning is one of, if not, the most important part of being your Best Self. You’ve got to constantly pick up new skills, absorb information, and apply it to the work you’re doing. Learning is how you’re going to become your Best Self.

That’s why we’ve assembled a list of our top resources to learn anything you want.



Udemy has courses on every subject imaginable… from fashion & design to business and coding. If you’re hitting a hurdle in your business because you’re missing a critical skill, such as how to use Excel professionally, it may be easier to take a quick course on Udemy rather than trying to look up everything yourself. While they’re paid courses, they almost always have sales of over 50% off their courses. This means you can usually find a course for the skill you’re looking to learn...for under $30. Yes, it’s that cheap! Now there’s definitely no excuse to procrastinate!



Lynda is similar to Udemy in that it offers a bunch of courses on a wide range of topics. It’s a LinkedIn platform so it has a list of experts teaching its courses. You can learn about entrepreneurship from Guy Kawaski himself! They even have courses on public speaking and other soft skills that’re harder to learn yourself. There’s a 10-day free trial so you can get started with no risks.



Codecademy is one of the best online coding schools out there. A couple members of the Best Self team have used Codecademy in the past just to try out coding! It’s completely interactive meaning that it’s not all boring reading & slideshows… you learn to code by doing it. It’s completely free too!

Hack Design

Hack Design

If you don’t think you’ll remember to log on regularly to take a course, Hack Design is for you. It’s solely focused on design lessons… but it sends lessons into your inbox each week so you’ll never forget. Each week focuses on a different area of design (typography, prototyping, UI/UX etc.) and gives you a list of resources to check out.

MIT Open Courseware

MIT Open Courseware

If you really liked school… well this is for you! MIT offers all the lessons and resources of their curriculum online so if you’d like to take an academy route to learning, you can find everything you need here. These courses aren’t general skills but more focused on specific topics like psychology, computer science, or vector mathematics (if you’re into that!).

If you don’t find what you’re looking for from these 5 suggestions, keep looking! These are our favorites but there’s hundreds of other resources out there. The most important thing is to find one that suits you and get started.