The other day we were shopping around on another online store and had a quick question we wanted to ask about their products.

But when we searched around for their “Contact Us” page, we realized we had to send an email and wait ages just for a question that would probably take them 2 seconds to answer!

That sucked.

So we came back and got straight to work.

And we’re proud to unveil our new Messenger button on the BestSelf Co. website!

BestSelf Co. Messenger Button

Now you don’t have to wait ages for those quick questions you might have. If you’ve got any questions about product and shipping details, or even your order, just ping us from that Messenger button. It’ll make your life (and ours) easier and everyone will be happier!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

P.S. We’ve hidden a little easter egg surprise in there… see if you can find it (;

New Stuff

Time management is one of the hardest parts of productivity. Either we overload ourselves and pack our schedules too tightly or we waste big chunks of our day. It’s always a struggle.

But these 6 simple time management strategies have been insanely useful for us.

Check them out in our blog post:

Start Achieving Your Goals: 6 Time Management Strategies

Start Achieving Your Goals: 6 Time Management Strategies

They’re not particular apps or detailed tactics… think of them more like mantras to live by. Some of them may seem obvious to you at first but before you skip over them and think “Well duh!”, take a second to reflect on them. Think about whether you really go through your day following each of those strategies. (If you do, we’re so proud of you!)

Choose one and make it your goal to improve on that one strategy for that week. Say, for example, that you always know you should be planning your day but you realize that you usually go through your days taking whatever gets thrown at you.

Then this week, make planning your sole goal. Take out time each morning and evening to plan the day ahead, and set up checks throughout the day to make sure you’re not getting derailed.

This is especially important when you’ve got big projects or deadlines that you need to hit. Your plan will help keep you focused throughout the day on what matters instead of getting pulled away by emails or client “emergencies”.

And if you’re already great at planning your day and sticking to it, choose another strategy to focus on for this week. There’s always something to improve on!

Read Start Achieving Your Goals: 6 Time Management Strategies now!

Customer Stories

Congrats to the Customer Shares winner of this week, Beth Spearman!

We loved this shot of her SELF Journal plus her mug gets a 10/10 from us! Way to go Beth for always being your Best Self.

Customer Stories Beth Spearman

Check out our Customer Shares page for past winners and other customer pictures. Each week, we choose a picture of a filled-in SELF Journal that a customer posts on Instagram.

Their prize?

The BestSelf bundle… a collection of every single one of our products. That could be you next week! Just post a picture of your filled-in SELF Journal on Instagram with the hashtag #SELFJournal.

We’re looking forward to seeing your picture!