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Motivational Monday Secret Announcement

New Stuff

So much has been written on productivity tips, even by us alone! But we noticed that sometimes the productivity trick that made all the difference a month ago doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Sometimes turning off our phone is all we need to get into the zone and finish our work. Other times, it seems like no matter what we do - go for a run, drink a smoothie, block Facebook - nothing seems to work. Nothing can get our brain to focus on the task at hand.

What’s up with that? It frustrated us for a long time. How effective can productivity hacks be if they only work every once in a while?

That's when our new blog post was born:

What’s Really Holding You Back From Being Productive?

What's Really Holding You Back From Being Productive Blog Post

We realized that most productivity hacks like turning off your phone or speeding up your mouse, are designed to get you functioning at 100%... when you’re already working at 70%. They only work when you’re already being relatively productive, but want to bring yourself up to the next level.

But sometimes, we’re barely functioning at 30%, let alone 70%. There are days when we just can’t seem to focus for even a minute or two before our brains get distracted by something. Often, that means there’s something else, beyond just our beeping phones and an interesting newsfeed. It means there’s something deeper holding you back, whether it’s stress, fear, or just plain confusion.

When it’s things like that holding us back from productivity, simple productivity hacks aren’t enough. We need to tackle them directly… and the first step is finding out what those things are.

P.S. But productivity tips are still ridiculously effective. If you'd like a few of our top productivity hacks, read this blog post and grab our 37 Productivity Hacks PDF at the bottom!

Customer Stories

Congrats to the Customer Shares winner of this week, Kenny Evans!

We loved this shot he took in the middle of filling out his SELF Journal… and looking like he was having quite an enjoyable time! Way to go Kenny for being your Best Self.

Kenny Evans Customer Shares Winner

Check out our Customer Shares page for past winners and other customer pictures. Each week, we choose a picture of a filled-in SELF Journal that a customer posts on Instagram.

Their prize?

The BestSelf bundle… a collection of every single one of our products. That could be you next week! Just post a picture of your filled-in SELF Journal on Instagram with the hashtag #SELFJournal.

We’re looking forward to seeing your picture!