We've got big news: We're hiring (again)!

We're on the search for a Marketing/Advertising Champion to join our team -  a marketing machine who's ready for their next challenge.

Hiring Marketing Champion

We know you already love our BestSelf Co. products, so you've got that requirement down BUT before you read any further:

Are you someone who loves marketing, advertising, and being creative with promoting and selling products? More importantly, are you someone who loves to learn and take ACTION?

If so, read on!

As a marketing champion, here are some of the work you will be doing:

  • Running & managing paid advertising
  • Writing creative product descriptions
  • Copywriting for ads and content
  • Research marketing strategies
  • Implementing & doing things you have no idea how to do

If you're ridiculously excited about all that work, check out more details of the job posting and application process here!

We're really looking forward to finding our next BestSelf Co. team member!

New Stuff

If you haven’t yet heard, we’ve officially launched the Special Edition versions of the SELF Journal!

The Special Editions are for those looking for a change. The SELF Journal’s blue and yellow color scheme is one of our favorites, but even we need to mix things up every once in a while.

That’s why we launched the Special Edition SELF Journals. With three different colors to choose from, we guarantee it’ll always feel new and exciting!

Special Edition SELF Journals

The Special Editions feature not one, not two, but THREE ribbons so you can bookmark all the pages you need.

Special Edition Ribbons

Plus, we’ve also started including attachable pen holders (yep, we’re very excited too!) so the days of digging through your bag are over - you’ll always find your pen right where you left it.

So if it’s almost time to get your next SELF Journal (or even if it’s not… ) get the Special Edition SELF Journals today!


P.S. If you’ve already fallen in love with the SELF Journal, it’s a great idea to get it on subscription. Getting a journal in the mail every 13 weeks means you’ll never have “breaks” that end up lasting months - you’ll hit your goals that much faster. (Plus, you’ll save a bunch!)

New Stuff

Procrastination. (cue collective groan…)

It all gets us every once in a while… and usually when it’s the worst possible time. We’re probably not the only ones who’ve stopped to “check Facebook for a minute” only to emerge an hour later armed with the latest dog videos. Or maybe your procrastination takes on a different form… like avoiding your big project by cleaning your apartment 5 times.

Procrastination is an art - a dark art. Once you start procrastinating, it sucks you in and you find yourself at the end of the day wondering where all your time went.

Procrastination Blog Post

This blog post highlights some of the main reasons we end up procrastinating and, more importantly, how to overcome them. So if you’ve been struggling to hit your Weekly Milestones or you’re not making the most out of your days, this is for you.

Check out our blog post: The Dark Art of Procrastination.


Customer Stories

Congrats to the Customer Shares winner of this week, Portia Preston!

Okay, this one isn’t the usual SELF Journal image, but we loved the way she broke down her goals using her 13-week roadmap.

Customer Shares Winner Portia Preston

Congrats to the Customer Shares winner of this week, Portia Preston!

Okay, this one isn’t the usual SELF Journal image, but we loved the way she broke down her goals using her 13-week roadmap.

BestSelf Bundle Portia Preston

Check out our Customer Shares page for past winners and other customer pictures. Each week, we choose a picture of a filled-in SELF Journal (or, in this case, a filled in 13-Week Roadmap) that a customer posts on Instagram.

Their prize?
The BestSelf bundle… a collection ofevery single one of our products. That could be you next week! Just post a picture of your filled-in SELF Journal on Instagram with the hashtag #SELFJournal.

We’re looking forward to seeing your picture!