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It’s officially April which means…

We’re 93 days into 2017.

That’s 25% of the year.

Now’s the time to kick into high gear and make the most out of the rest of the year. You’ve gotten warmed up and set your goals. You’re motivated and you’re mentally prepared.

All that’s left is to take consistent daily action towards your goal.

But that’s also the toughest part.

That’s why we want to give a huge congrats to Martin Campbell & Cory A. Finley for completing the March #GraduateChallenge

As the first two BestSelf members to complete the challenge, they’ve set the bar high! For one month, they filled in their SELF Journals and consistently worked towards their goals day in and day out.

Martin had set health and fitness goals for his Graduate Challenge. We love the color coding of his SELF Journal and the methodical approach he took towards hitting his goals.

Martin Campbell March Graduate Challenge Images

Cory had set a goal for his business to hit $12k/month revenue for his Graduate Challenge. We love the way his SELF Journal is scribbled in - it looks like a work in progress because that’s exactly what goal setting is all about.

Cory Finley March Graduate Challenge ImagesCongrats again to Cory & Martin!


Featured Find

Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was the Terminator, Governor of California, not to mention activist, investor, businessman, and so much more.

And yes, he writes down and plans his goals just like the rest of us.

In this episode of the Noah Kagan Presents podcast, Noah dives into Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book Total Recall to learn how he lays out the path to turn a vision into reality.

Noah Kagan Podcast Total Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hint: He writes down his goals, stays consistent in working towards them, and constantly reflects on his progress.

For a little inspiration to start your week, listen to the episode or get Total Recall to read for yourself!

New Stuff

Sometimes we get so focused on our goals, we forget about everything else. We’re so determined to hit our goals within 13 weeks that we’re working 16 hour days.

It’s easy to forget about the fundamentals, like eating and sleeping.

But the most commonly neglected activity of all?


It’s usually one of the first things to go when we’ve got a big deadline coming up or we’re nearing the end of our 13-weeks. 13 weeks is the perfect length to keep us motivated… but that same motivation can also cause us to drop everything in the pursuit of our goal.

But we often forget that exercise isn’t just beneficial, but crucial to achieving our goal. See how exercise helps you in our new blog post:

Why Exercise Should Be Top Priority If You Want To Achieve Your Goals

Exercise Blog Post

Exercise helps us sharpen our brain, get our energy back up, and feel great. So when it’s time to put in the work, your body is up for the task.

There’s a reason why the world’s busiest, most successful people always have time for exercise.

Arianna Huffington made sure she got in 30 minutes on her stationary bike every morning… while running The Huffington Post.

Barack Obama worked out for 45 minutes, 6 days a week… while running a country.

Richard Branson wakes up at 5 AM every morning for a run or bike ride…while he leads his business empire.

See how exercise can help you in our new blog post.


Customer Stories

Congrats to the Customer Shares winner of this week, Marc Rhodes!

We loved this #throwbackthursday picture of his SELF Journal & 13-Week Roadmap. Way to invest in yourself Marc!

Customer Shares Winner Marc

Check out our Customer Shares page for past winners and other customer pictures. Each week, we choose a picture of a filled-in SELF Journal (or, in this case, a filled in 13-Week Roadmap) that a customer posts on Instagram.

Their prize?

The BestSelf bundle… a collection of every single one of our products. That could be you next week! Just post a picture of your filled-in SELF Journal on Instagram with the hashtag #SELFJournal.

We’re looking forward to seeing your picture!