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In this guide, you'll learn about
the 5 critical notes to take:

Key Concepts

Make sure you get all the key ideas in your notes. Pinpoint all the concepts and practical information any book covers.

Anchoring Moments

Add to your note-taking arsenal! Ideas on how to prime yourself to be in an optimal state for success. With confidence implement the ideas of any book you’re reading.

Triggering Quotes

Great notes on quotes condense brilliant ideas into short phrases that take us towards our desired future. Find and apply them to your daily life.

Deep Diving Resources

Reading a great book moves you to take action with its great insights and messages. Nurture the intent it inspired by taking comprehensive notes- instead of letting it fade away.

Take Action Directives

Uncover the hidden self-coaching tools to note in books that will help you surpass even the most stubborn plateaus.

Level Up Your Note-Taking
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You'll learn how to...

  • Create notes that turn ideas into action

  • Build actionable plans from the concepts learned from reading

  • Spot key ideas so you'll never miss the important concepts

  • Uncover methods, processes and checklists that authors bury in books

  • Internalize actions and ideas you want to apply to your own life