Our team is growing and we'd like to have you onboard!

We're currently looking for a Product Development Apprentice to join our team.

Product Apprenticeship

If you love making ideas come to life, working with others, and also have an eagle eye for design... we want you!

This apprenticeship will involve:

  • Creating original concepts, designs, and revisions.
  • Assisting the team in design executions and production work.
  • Researching Design and Sourcing Methods
  • Communicating daily with the lead designer


New Stuff

Ever feel completely overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of life? We have.

Yet we also know people who seem to be juggling a thousand plates but are completely calm and under control.

We marvel at those people… and wonder how we can be like them. At BestSelf, success doesn’t mean just having a bunch of great achievements but also feeling like you have it all under control.

And, paradoxically, often that means giving ourselves some space from our own lives. That’s why, every once in a while, we go on a digital detox. We know… it seems like it’s just one of those “hyped-up trends” nowadays. We thought so too.

But we dug deeper into the benefits of a digital detox. It gave us more motivation to get started on the digital detox we’ve been putting off for so long.

And this blog post was born: Need Motivation to Start that Detox.

Digital Detox Motivation

We learned that, not only does a digital detox help us relax and re-focus, but can actually help cause success.

We’re already a whole month and a half (can you believe it?!) into 2017 and it’s usually around this time that we start feeling overwhelmed. It’s the perfect time for a digital detox to help get yourself back in the game!


Featured Find

Remember how we introduced you to Marie Forleo in last week’s Motivational Monday?

Well, she’s back at it again with another free video. This one is a 3-part training series to launch your business online.

Marie Forleo B-School Training Videos

In other words, how to turn browsers into buyers.

We really liked this training series because he gets down into the nuts & bolts - the exact tools, techniques, and strategies needed to launch your business successfully. We've already gotten a ton of info from it ourselves, such as:

  • How to overcome the fear, doubt and hesitation that we sometimes feel when building a business
  • The exact framework Marie used to build a highly profitable global brand
  • What to focus on to eliminate overwhelm and keep taking consistent action

Check it out here.

She lays out all the strategies so they easily fit into the SELF Journal framework so if one of your goals for 2017 is to build (or grow) your business, this is for you!

We really want to make sure Marie's B-School can help you build or grow your business so check out her reviews/FAQ page to see if her program fits you!


Customer Stories

We want to see you on Instagram!

The SELF Journal is an incredibly effective productivity system… but not without you. Not without it being scribbled in, circled, and starred. Not without you planning your day in it and laying out your goals.

That’s why we started Customer Shares!

Share your FILLED IN journal on Instagram with the hashtag #SELFJournal for the chance to win the BestSelf bundle.

What’s the BestSelf bundle you ask?

It’s a bundle with every product we have. (Nope, that’s not a typo!)

Here are two of the winners from January 2017:

Customer Shares Lisah Preston

Customer Shares Gemma Ray

Each week we pick one winner through Instagram… and the more pictures you have, the more we’ll love you! Snap a picture of your 13-week roadmap or your daily spread, all filled in.

Check out the details of the contest and shared pictures here. We’re so excited to see all your SELF Journals!