SELF Journal, a website that reviews some of the best planners, notebooks and journals for productivity, recently announced their picks for the best undated planners for 2017.

In recent years, undated planners have become more popular because it’s possible to start one at any point during the year, rather than having to begin at the start of the year like traditional planners. Companies and proponents of undated planners say that they help boost productivity and positive self-organization by not pigeonholing users into a standard timeline.

Furthermore, by not having dates, these planners don’t make users feel unproductive if they forget to use the planner over time. A traditional planner, for example, when not used for a week or two, has a large blank space that appears as though nothing was done or planned during that time period.

An undated planner, on the other hand, allows users to eliminate blank spaces by manually dating the times that they use the planner. So if the planner is used on Thursday, April 27, and it’s not used again until Wednesday, May 3, then there’s no blank time between those dates. The user simply dates each page as needed based on when the planner is being used. named the SELF Journal from BestSelf Co. their favorite undated planner because of the format and the approach the planner takes to aligning long-term goals with day-to-day habits and routines. The SELF Journal, which was originally a Kickstarter project, helps thousands of people each year get on track and plan their lives in a less traditional way, and it works.

The website also recognized the Panda Planner, the Simple Elephant Planner and the Passion Planner as excellent choices for those looking for undated planning options. Together, recognized and highlighted 16 different undated planners that users found particularly useful and successful.