SmartMarks- Your New Favorite Bookmarks Are Here!

Jan 30, 2020, 1 min read

A Smarter Way to Bookmark!

SmartMarks are a fresh take on the trusty bookmark. Keep your place and leave the extra notebook at home! Get SmartMarks and become a more powerful reader, now!

Acquiring the habit of note-taking is a wonderfully complementary skill to that of listening.
- Richard Branson


SmartMarks is a Bookmark

Always pick up right where you left off. SmartMarks fits snuggly into most standard book sizes!

Thoughts in the Moment

Write down key insights while you're on the page, reference the entire book in one simple notepad!

Includes 3 SmartMarks

Read multiple books at once without mixing up your notes. Every page is relevant to your subject of focus!
SmartMarks will focus you on the most important 'cliff notes' information and your notes will be with you at all times. So go ahead! Pick up that self-improvement book, history book, and fiction book. Your SmartMarks will keep your place and everything important!

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