The Self Scholar- Your Most Reliable Companion This Semester Is Here!

Jan 30, 2020, 4 mins read

Don't get overwhelmed with college life!

The difference between failure and success amounts to how we utilize our time. With the Self Scholar, you can make sure every minute of every day is in your control. This journal will focus your efforts and allow you to achieve more than you ever have!

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
- Benjamin Franklin

school journal

The Self Scholar is uniquely formatted to help students be more effective. Not just for school but for personal life too! Make sure assignments get in on time, stay on track no matter how hectic your schedule gets, and make time for friends and family with this powerful tool from!

We all start school with the best of intentions. We all want to do well, be diligent and dedicated to our studies. We’re looking to grow into the person we want to be, expand our minds, meet new people, and have those experiences and friendships we always hear about. The ones that last a lifetime!

It’s not long after our first days of class we realize there’s much more happening than we could have ever anticipated. No matter how much everyone tried to prepare us, or give us the best tips and tricks for maintaining our sanity. The demands of school and our expanding personal life grows exponentially until suddenly we lose track of days, we miss important family events, and we start needing to focus so much on classes that everything else fades away.

We try our best to balance everything but in the end. We start ignoring calls, we miss parties and events. It becomes increasingly clear that the only way we can make it is to buckle down and put in extra hours. We push because we know what’s at stake. We know what we have to do, but no matter how much we try it just gets worse. We sink into a pit that we can’t seem to climb out of.

Work piles and piles up, as group projects go unfinished until the very last minute. We spend night after night in the library or local campus coffee shops. We put on a good show of being steady when we see friends and family, but the truth is we lay down at night so exhausted we just want to bundle up in our beds and sleep all day. We can’t though because we know we have that final tomorrow and we still need to study. So we pull ourselves out of bed, drink a whole carafe of coffee and pour over our notes for the hundredth time.

We sit waiting for the grade after our final is done, impatiently hoping the shoe doesn’t drop on the wrong side. It’s over for now, but the grading period still causes us to miss events. We try going anyway but we are only partially present. The thought of our potentially bad grade and the constant replaying of the test answers, filling our minds. We tell ourselves as soon as we know, we can relax. But deep in the back of our minds, we are still dreading the next semester. We know we can’t do this again. We can’t go another four years, or more, like this. There has to be a better way!

The Self Scholar is that way! Manage your schedule, plan your study time. Keep track of your assignments, tests, and projects. Know where you need to focus to get the most out of your days and nights. Reflect on your progress and adapt with precision to maintain the most important thing that will come out of your educational career- YOURSELF!

Student Features

Semester Schedule Pages
Your Semester Schedule at your Fingertips! Make your schedule a part of your daily routine. Include recurring school activities you want to take part in. Create a foundational schedule so you can adapt to the unexpected with ease!
Assignments and Tests Pages
An easy to reference place to record all of your syllabus assignments, tests, their due dates, and the classes they are for. Plan out your semester and keep a close eye on progress. Never forget an assignment or test again!
Project Pages
Projects are often the largest part of your grade, that’s why there’s dedicated space to not just create the tasks list for a big project, but to set your goal for it too. Keep your work on target and important notes all on one page.

Keep ahead of the stress!

Includes the popular freedom and features of the original Self journal!

Three Ribbons for easy navigation of your most important pages.
Undated Pages so you can start whenever, and pick up wherever you left off.
Targets, Wins, and Gratitude to keep yourself centered and ready to take on the challenges of the day! 

We want every student to feel in control of your semester. To have every opportunity to do your best and succeed with the greatest of ease possible. We wish you only the best out there as you chase your dreams. Stick with it no matter how hard it gets, and always do what feels right for you.

We know you are going to do great things and we can’t wait to see it!

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