Issue 03: An Inside Look


Have you ever just been burning with questions but no one to ask? Or, on the flip side, you know you’re missing some crucial information but aren’t even sure what it is?

We understand. We’ve been there. That’s why we’ve come up with something special just for you! No, it’s not a physical product. It’s something better.

It’s face-time with some of the most successful, productive people we know. People who are out there achieving incredible things and being their Best Self. And we’ve gathered them all together for you.

Look out for it in your inbox this week. You’ll be getting more (really exciting!) information about our special surprise in there!


You’ve heard of Allen & Cathryn over the past year but there’s a bunch of us working behind the scenes to help bring BestSelf Co. products to life and into your hands! Meet two new additions to the team!

Monica Acevedo

Head of Customer Service

Hello! I have been the head of the Customer Service department for almost 5 months now and I love every minute of it. I have been working in Customer Service for 8 years and Best Self Co. by far has been the most rewarding and enjoyable yet. I love our customers and reading their feedback. On my down time (which is rare), I'm a mom to three kids under the age of 6, so they pretty much take up all my time. Whenever I get time to myself, I am sewing, cooking a new recipe on my crockpot, or reading political biographies.


Lauren Andrews

Chief Operating Officer
It's been 3 months now that I've been working with BestSelf Co as their COO. In short, it has been nothing short of an amazing ride. Anything operations related is my area of expertise - give me a spreadsheet and I am a happy gal. Along with working on making the world a better place through business… I fancy Sociology, all things DIY, my 2 dogs, and living with my loved ones in the beautiful state of Colorado.


Jess Chan

Digital Marketing Associate

It’s been an incredible experience so far working with Cathryn, Allen & the rest of the BestSelf Co. team. Getting to blend together my love for writing, design all in one job is a dream come true. I’m in Toronto (all the way in Canada) finishing up my degree. And when I’m not studying or working, I explore the city for things to eat & play volleyball (to work off everything I eat!).


Sometimes our minds are just bombarded with a million things to think about. We have emails to check and messages coming in as we speak, not to mention all the tasks we still haven’t finished today. Oh, and there’s whatever we’re supposed to be working on right now.

We’ve felt that way too. It feels like our minds are clouded and we can’t think straight. During these moments, it’s hard to sort out our priorities or even figure out what to do next.

We often think of detoxing our bodies - as in getting rid of all the toxins in our body. But our mind needs some spring cleaning too every once in a while.

We got sick of this feeling and that’s why we started researching ways to “detox” our minds. We learned so much that we wanted to share it with you.

And this blog post was born: 4 Detox Methods For Mental Clarity.

You’ll be armed with 4 techniques to help you get out of that clouded state of mind so you can get back to business.

And, if you don’t feel like reading, we’ve got a video version of it too!

Take a look, and give your mind the spring cleaning it deserves.


Lots of you have found it challenging to get started with the SELF Journal. It’s tough setting S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based) goals and breaking them down into the 13-week Roadmap.

We’ve heard you.

That’s why we’ve spent the last few weeks talking to people who’ve found success using their SELF Journal. We’ll be showing you examples of how others broke down their goals so it can help you break down yours!

At our new Customer Shares page, you can see snapshots of what other people’s journals look like, and get a glimpse into the goals, gratitudes, lessons & planning that other people have used in their lives.


We’ve got something even more special for you for this issue of Motivational Mondays.


Meet Jeremy Montoya.

He’s a marketer by trade but he’s so much more! He’s helped dozens of entrepreneurs build their businesses by growing their email lists and making themselves unique from their competitors. His website is filled with glowing testimonials. And on top of that (yes, there’s more!), he’s appeared on a ton of podcasts. Jeremy is the guy to learn from because he’s build a repertoire of incredible marketing knowledge that people demand.

Oh, and did we mention, he uses the SELF Journal? See how he broke down his goals with the infographic below.

You can visit Jeremy at

31 October, 2016

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