Issue 18: Start Your Days Right... From The Night Before


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Morning routines are talked about a lot because they help us set the tone for the rest of the day. They’re important. We’ve spent years perfecting our own morning routines.

But some days, our morning routines just don’t go that well. We sleep in past our alarm or we wake up stressed and disoriented. This left us scratching our heads wondering what we could do to make sure we’re waking up on a positive note.

That’s when we realized, morning routines are only one part of the puzzle. What’s the other piece?

Bedtime routines.


When we started focusing on the things we did before we went to bed, we noticed the difference. It affected our sleep and so, changed the way we woke up. For example, when we turned off our phones an hour or so before bed, we woke up more relaxed and refreshed.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of things to do every night before you sleep.

13 Things To Do Every Night Blog Post

It’s a pretty long list… but don’t worry, you don’t have to do them all! Test out each one and see what works best for you. Everyone’s different so an activity that makes you feel refreshed might stress another person out.

We hope, with this list, you’ll craft the perfect bedtime routine for yourself. That way, you’ll wake up each morning ready to start your day!

Check out our new blog post here.


Core News

We need to ask you for a favour.

Don’t worry, it’s quick. It’ll only take 5 minutes. But it’ll help us out A LOT.

Could you make us a video testimonial about your story?

Your story about using the SELF Journal that is. We want to know your experience with setting (and achieving) your goals, plus the growth you’ve seen in yourself. We want to know all about your journey!

Video Testimonial $100 Gift

The video will help get more people just like you, to start achieving their goals too.

First of all, don’t get nervous. It doesn’t need to be perfect. We just want to hear your story. It’s okay if you repeat yourself or stumble over words.

Second of all, we really appreciate you taking out the time to this for us. That’s why we’re giving you $100 if we decide to use your video in an ad.


Here are a couple talking points to get you started (but they’re just suggestions, feel free to go wild):

  1. Tell us your name, where you’re from & what work you do
  2. What did the SELF Journal help you achieve? (Or, if you haven’t finished a journal yet, what stage you’re at)
  3. Why you bought the SELF Journal and what you expected to get from it
  4. The goals you set for yourself in your journal
  5. Your experience or process for working through the 13 weeks
  6. How you or your life has changed since using the SELF Journal
  7. Why you will continue using the SELF Journal
  8. Your own plans for the future!

Here’s how you can send us your testimonial:

  1. Upload it to youtube and email us the link
  2. Email the entire file (or Dropbox/Google Drive link) to

That’s it! Super simple right? You can do it right now. You don’t need to rehearse or write out a script, just hit record and talk. We want to meet the real you!


Customer Stories

Huge congrats to the Customer Shares winner this week: Dawn Bergeron!

We loved this picture of her SELF Journal. Especially the motivation caption. It sounds like she’s gotten her morning routine and daily gratitudes all set!

Customer Shares Winner Dawn Bergeron

If you’re looking for some inspiration (or guidance) on how to fill out your SELF Journal, check out past winners and other customer pictures on our Customer Shares page.

What are the Customer Shares winners you ask?

Each week, we choose our favorite picture of a SELF Journal posted on Instagram with the hashtag #SELFJournal. We only choose ones that are scribbled in and filled out… because that’s what they’re made for! Winners get the BestSelf bundle… a collection of every single one of our products.

That could be you next week! So drop what you’re doing, grab your phone and get on Instagram. Post a picture of your filled in SELF Journal with the hashtag #SELFJournal for a chance to win (:

06 March, 2017

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