MM14: It's An Eventful Week!



Core News

Cathryn & Allen are over at NY NOW, a market for premier home, lifestyle & gift products. We have a booth set up just for BestSelf!

NY Now

There are a ton of different booths to check out for every part of your life: home, office, and kitchen. You can discover new brands... and get all your favorite products without waiting for shipping!

So if you're anywhere near Javits Center, New York City feel free to pop in and say hi! They'll be there until 6 PM.



Behind-the-scenes of BestSelf… we’re just working hard to be our Best Self! Last week, Allen & Cathryn headed out to Florida for the Tony Robbins Business Mastery Event.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins Business Mastery Event

It was five 10-hour long days jam-packed with the strategy and psychology needed to bring BestSelf to the next level. They spent time in a mastermind group to brainstorm innovative ways to create valuable tools that’ll help you become your Best Self. They came back exploding with new ideas & big get ready to expect something great from us in 2017!

But the most exciting part of all?

They were invited there by Tony Robbins himself... to announce a new competition:

The Shopify Build A Bigger Business Competition with Tony Robbins.

Build A Bigger Business

The Build A Bigger Business competition is all about helping Shopify businesses scale to the next level. So for all of you entrepreneurs who want to turn your successful businesses even more successful... this is for you.

Check out the competition requirements & apply here.


Featured Find

Some of you may remember Chandler Bolt from last year's Virtual Summit.

Chandler went from college dropout and C-minus English student, to 6X bestselling author (and multi 7-figure business owner) in just 2 years.

He studied what thousands of top authors before him spent decades pioneering, then tested, refined, and build a system best on the most effective strategies and systems.

And he just created a video course that reveals the system that took him there.

Since we know him, we got you a free VIP access.

This mini-course is broken down into 3 training videos and exercises that show you exactly how to write & publish your first book -- in just 30 minutes a day.

You’ll learn how to maximize book sales and use your book to build a 7-figure business, brand, or following – if you want.

SPS Free Publishing Video

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

1) The exact blueprint to go from blank page to bestselling author in only 90 days -- even if you’re busy, bad at writing, or don’t know where to start

2) Case studies of 3 bestselling authors who made $1,287, $5,500, even $12,424.03 just from their books -- with even more royalty checks coming in every month

And so much more!

So if being your Best Self this year involves publishing a book... this is for you. You don’t need a book idea, writing talent, or lots of time to start. Check it out here.

06 February, 2017

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