Start Achieving Your Goals: 6 Time Management Strategies

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. In fact, it can be downright hard, especially without proper time management. Many entrepreneurs don’t see as much success as they would like or they end up completely failing because their goals weren’t being met.

achieve your goals

Although it may seem easier to just give up and change your goal, it’s best to change your plan – not your goal. Setting effective time management strategies is one of the most critical aspects of being an entrepreneur.

Manage Your Energy

This is the most important step when putting time management into place for your business. Each person is different so it wouldn’t be right to suggest everyone should work on their business at 5 AM each morning. Some people actually have a clearer mind at night.

Think about what your days are like. When you get out of bed in the morning and get ready, do you feel a burst of energy? Do you feel like you can tackle work right away? Or are you someone who notices a positive shift in energy during the afternoon or late at night? You can fit into more than one of these categories and that’s fine. For example, if you’re the type of person who has zero energy in the morning but you do in the afternoon and night, you could handle all your emails in the afternoon and then work on your business at night, or vice versa.

One of the benefits of being an entrepreneur is that you get to set your own hours; it’s important to set a schedule that you can consistently follow to produce results.

Plan, Plan, Plan

If you want to achieve success in your business, planning is necessary. Everyone has personal preferences when it comes to how often they plan out their work. For example, some people may feel better if they make a plan each day for the next day’s work. Others may find it best to make a weekly plan. Having a plan in place will allow you to stay on top of your goals and be prepared for what’s going to happen each day. Without a plan, you may jeopardize missed deadlines and lose clients.


Between emails, texting, calling, and social media, it can be overwhelming to finish any work with all the distractions. If you have an important project that is due soon but you have too much going on around you, try logging out of your email and social media accounts. You may even want to put your phone in a different room so you’re not tempted to pick it up. Make sure to set a designated time each day for you to focus without any type of distractions. By doing this, you may notice more success with your business since you’ll finally be able to get more done.

Understand When You Need to Draw The Line

As an entrepreneur, you may understand how this scenario is all too common – you know, when a client says, “I forgot to ask you, can you also do this for the project?” or “Can you call me really quick? I have something in mind for an additional project.” During situations like that, you need to stand firm. By no means do you want to ignore the client, but kindly tell them you’re working on a project right now and ask to schedule a time to talk. By dropping what you’re doing every time a client needs you or wants another meeting for the fifth time that week, you’re setting yourself and your success back.

Designate a Time for Strategy

Either at the beginning of the month or end of the month, you should block out some of your schedule and reserve it for strategizing for your business. For example, if you schedule a day at the end of the month to reflect on the success you’ve made that month. Additionally, you will be able to see what didn’t work. By seeing your success and where you could improve, you can simply change your plan to accommodate your goals. Aside for monthly strategizing, you can also schedule quarterly and yearly strategizing sessions to dig deeper into your business. It’s important that you take time for yourself and your business instead of only schedule clients in your workload. Without strategizing and reflecting on your business, you won’t be able to allow room for growth.

Work in Blocks of Time

Rather than saying you’re going to work on your business for 5 hours each day, it’s best to work in small blocks of time. For example, you can schedule yourself to work for 5 hours but the time should be broken up into time blocks. By working just one hour and then taking a 20-30-minute break that involves getting up and stretching or light physical activity, you will be able to clear your mind. By working just one hour or so at a time, you may notice a positive shift in your work productivity.

By implementing time management strategies in your daily work routine, you can become your best self to reach your desired success as an entrepreneur.

By choosing just one of the above tips and implementing it into your workday tomorrow, you can improve your productivity and achieve more success.

15 February, 2017
Written by:
Allen Brouwer

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