3 Must-Try Techniques For Creating Momentum That Leads To Success

3 Must-Try Techniques For Creating Momentum That Leads To Success

It’s hard to get something started. When cycling up a steep hill, you’ve got to overcome inertia and resistance. Your muscles ache and you’re out of breath at the top, but then comes the downhill path! Once you’re going, it’s easier to keep going - which is how momentum fuels productivity, efficiency, and positivity.

But how do you create momentum in ALL areas of your life? Here are three must-try techniques that have the power to change your world.

1. Schedule it

If you do nothing else, this is the technique that needs your commitment - starting TODAY!

Momentum relies on you taking action towards your goals - every single day. Success follows consistency. Success happens when lots of small actions compound into something big. You don’t have to take giant leaps alone to achieve. You can move further and sometimes faster when you commit to one baby step at a time.

Daily action is easy in theory, but not so much in practice. Life gets busy. There’s always something around the corner, ready to distract and derail you. Doubts show up, fear gets in your way - as does laziness, procrastination, and fatigue.

You’ll always have a reason to stop - and there will be a part of you that wants that [because goals mean leaving your comfort zone, which can feel unsafe!] Momentum is only possible if you push through the resistance. A daily plan creates a structure that keeps you focused on your end goal.

- Schedule tasks in the same way that you make appointments.
- Budget your time as if it were the most precious resource you have.
- Prioritize the tasks and actions that will move the needle.

Make daily action a non-negotiable, and success will follow.

2. Create a chain of wins

Have you ever wondered how Jerry Seinfeld became such a super successful comedian?

A newbie comic asked Seinfeld this question after meeting him on the comedy circuit. Jerry’s answer was simple, yet profound. His ‘secret’ was to write one joke a day - without fail. He didn’t leave this commitment to chance. Instead, he created a visual chain on a calendar. After writing his daily joke, he marked the success on a calendar using a red cross. Before long, his winning streak was so long; it felt more painful to break the chain than to keep going.

You can leverage the same success principle by committing to the daily habits that lead to your goal. For example:

- Become an author - answer a journaling prompt and write 300 words a day
- Strengthen your relationship - spend 10-mins in deep conversation a day
- Feel fitter - run every day
- Build confidence - challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone
- Master a new skill - cultivate a daily reading habit

With your habits picked, schedule time to do them in your daily plan [see point 1], then use a habit tracker to create your chain.

Momentum here you come!

[If you want to join a community of people committed to daily action, check out Momentum Challenges].

3. Get the right people in your corner

No one’s journey through life is smooth. Instead, life is a series of ups and downs. It’s easy to keep your momentum going when things are working out and everything is going your way. It’s much harder to stay motivated when you’re in a rut.

This is where your support structure makes all the difference.

Plans won’t always work and mistakes will get made. There will also be times when you’re riddled with self-doubt or just don’t feel on your game.

If you have people who get you and can support you through the inevitable slumps, you can keep the momentum wheel turning.

Accountability buddies or a coach works well for this. You can also get help from online groups such as the BestSelf Alliance.

You don’t have to do this alone. Instead, surround yourself with people you can lean on in the tough times. With the right people in your corner, so much more is possible.

Anything is possible when daily action is non-negotiable. With momentum, it’s easier to think bigger and achieve more while you enjoy today.

You’ve got this.

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