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4 Detox Methods For Mental Clarity

4 Detox Methods For Mental Clarity

Throughout each day, we deal with several things that can cloud our mental space. A stressful job, family responsibilities, relationships, finances, _______ (insert what stresses you here) or a combination of these things can be exhausting physically and mentally. Dealing with just one of these things can take up much space in your brain.

While it is true that you can’t completely avoid stressful situations, there are certain things you can do to give your brain some much-needed breathing space.

We’ve listed down 4 detox methods that will help clear your mind and relax your body.

1. Apply Heat & Sweat it Out

We’re talking about saunas. While ridding your body of toxic chemicals, saunas promote the ultimate relaxation. Whether you do a session on your own or with a group, you’ll definitely have that much needed time for yourself - similar to sorting out your thoughts when you’re in the shower. A study done by the University of Texas at Austin revealed that saunas promote both physical and mental health while activating chemicals like prolactin and norepinephrine which increase attention span and brain growth.

2. Get Your Body Moving

Rather than busying your mind with cluttered thoughts, get your body moving. Various studies have shown how physical activities trigger your body to release endorphins, dopamine, and other chemicals that when activated, relieve mental stress, promote relaxation and boosts your mood.

A simple 30-minute stroll can do the trick. Mayo Clinic released an in-depth article stating that “exercise is a distraction that can get you away from the cycle of negative thoughts” that cloud your mind. The best part about exercising is that you can work up a sweat the way you want to. Playing a sport, hopping on your favorite machine at the gym, or going for a scenic run are all great for clearing your mind of the clutter of the day.

3. Eat for Your Mind

The Mental Health Foundation of America suggests eating with mental health in mind. Ultimately, whatever you put in your body will not only be reflected in your physical appearance but in your mood as well. Sugary drinks contain aspartame which contributes to anxiety attacks and other mental complications. So opt for water, in most, if not all, situations. Start munching on food with mind boosting nutrients such as folate, vitamin D, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Folate and vitamin D decreases the chemicals that bring on negative feelings, while Omega-3 fatty acids stabilize mood.

4. Engage in Activities That Keep Your Mind Focused

Meditation and Yoga both require immense focus and dedication to their techniques, that there’s not enough room to think about much else. Even if you begin your session with a million thoughts, but by the time you get into the rhythm of the moves, you won’t be aware of what you were thinking of just moments before. Consistently putting yourself in a situation to clear your mind if only for 10 minutes will keep your mental health in check and provide you with some relief.

Life can get stressful sometimes. But you can cushion its blows.

Give any of these detox methods a try when things are starting to push your mind into overdrive. You’ll notice a difference in your mood, you’ll feel more relaxed and you can think things through more clearly.


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