5 Things To Do Before The Year Ends

5 Things To Do Before The Year Ends

What’s the best way to start something new STRONG? It’s tempting to jump straight into execution, but there’s a chance you may get better results if you tie up any loose ends before you start. Take the coming New Year. You may be itching to get started with new goals and ideas, but did you know you can lay the foundations for even more success if you do these five things first?

Check this out…

1. Set a benchmark

Where are you in your life right now?

Put a line in the sand by taking the BestSelf Benchmark Quiz. Simply score each area of your life to create a holistic overview of how things stack up for you right now. This self-awareness is power.

When you invest in a self-development journey, it’s tempting to focus on specific goals. However, meaningful happiness comes from work-life harmony where you feel good across your life - not in one area alone.

Your benchmark score helps keep this intention top of mind by giving you a clear insight as to how your life stacks up SIX life areas [not just the ones that get your primary focus].

2. Write down your wins [ALL of them]

What have you accomplished so far this year? It’s easy to overlook the little things. It’s easy to forget accomplishments too - especially if they happened earlier in the year. There’s a high chance you’ve moved the needle a lot further than you think [even if you didn’t achieve all your goals].

Grab your journal and write down your wins. It’s worth focusing on one life category at a time to ensure you create a comprehensive list. For example:

- How did you move forward with your money? Have you established any new habits? Did you pay off a debt? Did you make a good investment?
- What about your relationships? Did you create a habit for deep conversation? Did you spend more quality time together? Did you hit any milestones?
- How about your business or your career. Did you master new skills, launch something new, or get a promotion?

Don’t forget fun things and new experiences too. For example, where did you go? When did you leave your comfort zone? What new hobbies did you try?

Seeing all your wins written down will show you where you invested your time. It’s also a reminder of how rich and varied your life actually was… now you can use this as fuel to fire you up for what’s ahead.

3. Review your bucket list

What did you tick off your bucket list this year?

[If you’ve not written yours yet, here’s an article to help you get started.]

A bucket list is a simple, but powerful tool that can help you live a life of no regrets. If you create a physical list [rather than keeping ideas in your head], you’re more likely to make the things on it happen. Plus, you then get the satisfaction of checking items off knowing you’ve achieved something important to you.

Take some time to review your list and mark off what you did.


4. Decide what else you can do

It’s a weird mindset! As time ticks away, it’s tempting to put a mental line in the sand and decide to wait until next year.

But the reality is January 1st is just another day in a continuous day/night cycle!

So don’t waste time unintentionally. Instead, think about what else could you do before the year is out. For example, how could you:

- Make the most of the remaining weekends?
- Tweak and adjust your daily plan so you can do things now rather than waiting for later?
- Set new habits in motion?

Life is there for living… you can create whatever you want!

5. Finish things off

Finally, something is liberating about stepping into a New Year with a clean slate.

So check over your goals and figure out what’s needed to tie up loose ends and complete this year. For example:

- Finish that course
- Make those calls
- Create that content
- Write those chapters
- Stick to those habits

Sometimes goals aren’t meant to be finished because your priorities shift or other things turn up.

But if your goal is there for the taking, don’t let go! There’s something reinforcing about seeing a goal through to completion. It’s proof that you CAN do it and this alone gives you a huge confidence and resilience boost. And that’s not to mention what lies on the other side of a completed goal. Part of the prize of completion is the new doors and opportunities that open because you saw things through.

So push yourself that little bit harder [without burning out of course!] Check out of social media, Netflix and other unintentional time drainers if you know you need fewer distractions.

Then power up your planner and schedule your time to get stuff done. Your best self is calling!

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