Everyday Actions To Be More Productive

Do you spend the hours of your day doing anything productive?  Do you frame the events that happen to you with resourcefulness or self-pity?  Do you recognize what you've done on any given day? 

Is what you're doing valuable or important?

If any of these questions are causing your chest to seize up the Daily Pages of the journal are here to help you craft empowering responses to these questions, to help you define and see real results, and to feel more fulfilled every day. 

There's a popular quote that goes something like, "If you don't run the day, the day will run you." 

If you've ever felt aimless, like the whole day floated by and you couldn't pinpoint a single thing you did that felt significant. You know the truth behind this quote. It's centered on this feeling that The Daily Pages were crafted. 

Put simply. Daily Pages is where you'll step into the role of Manager for your life. It's where you'll assign and coach the Employee you that will do the work! 


Rule 5: Run your day, or someone else will.

It might seem like a lot to fill in every hour of every day, but if you aren't maintaining awareness of where your time is going you become the prime target for companies, bosses, or anyone else looking to distract and monopolize your time. 

Never underestimate the value of your attention, and strive to make sure it's directed at what serves, grows, and cares for the things that really matter in your life. 


 Daily Schedule

One of the most critical responsibilities of a manager is to set the schedule.  Have you ever had a manager who understaffed, or overstaffed a workday?  Odds are it didn't turn out well. 

A new manager might struggle with the schedule. There's lots of factors to consider initially, lots of needs, and sometimes even changing requirements to make sure everything that needs to be covered is. 

It's no different with your day, it might start rough, but it will get better and better!


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Any manager who wants to maintain a good culture knows they need to recognize people's efforts.

When they don't you've likely seen what happens when they don't or do it too little. We're talking bad moods, call-outs, even no call no shows. 


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My Goal

Managers have the vision, even if it's just for the day. They can and do communicate it daily.  

The standup meeting is commonplace for this, to get everyone on the same page. This is particularly important if something changed or a temporary priority has taken over.


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Today's Target

To really get through a day, or any particular challenge there must be steps to success. 

Not only does the manager communicate the steps along with the vision, but they track progress too.  They switch them on the fly if they have to.  Whatever it takes to stay in-line with the vision.  


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Lessons Learned

In any environment where work is being done no matter how manual or techincal, mistakes happen and targets are missed. 

Maybe it was the way it was executed, maybe it was the way it was communicated or defined, maybe it was a lack of training or coaching, whatever the case learning and improving what's happening during the day can make or break a manager.  


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Finally, as a manager, it's critical to celebrate. 

When any part of the vision comes together when a day or week goes well the manager takes the opportunity to create connections and trust that only recognized victories can create. 


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Final Thoughts

Remember the last time you had a manager that didn't do even one of these things and how much it disrupted any capacity to be successful at work?  Imagine a manager who ignored all of them! 

Now recognize how inevitable it is that life seems chaotic and uncontrollable when we don't pay attention to these critical aspects of our day or worse give control of managing them to someone else entirely.

Even if you work a full-time job, when you take control of your time and lean into your obligations and responsibilities things start to change.  You start to change.  When you take control anything you want comes within reach. 

All you have to do now - is put in the work!


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