How Success Comes To Some But Not Others

Navigating the major turns and roads.

What makes achieving your goals inevitable?

Why do some people seem unstoppable? It's those people that seem like nothing phases them and they get everything they want, that makes trying so infuriating.

It's not genetics, it's not privilege, it's not even luck. Though those can be factors in how fast something may accomplish their goals, anyone with the right mindset and relevant progress goals can achieve their own version of success. 

What to keep in mind,

Is that most of us have been conditioned to think in the capacity of Pass/Fail.  We often look at things as if we get one chance and if we don't do what we set out to, that's it.  But, this isn't how real life works. We can attempt as many times as we want to accomplish something.  The only time we truly fail is when we stop trying. 


Your Result Goal is the big picture, it's the motivation, it's the destination.  The Progress Goals then are the journey. They are the selfies, the landmarks, major moments and memories of note.  

They are proof only of your progress, and things to celebrate and appreciate as you reach them, one way or the other.


Types of Progress Goals 

A good progress goal gives you a sense of movement.  It's measurable and trackable.  This is critical because without seeing our progress we can become almost immediately discouraged.  

Even if the mark we're tracking doesn't really move initially, and we are doing something we know we'll have to push through to see results. 

The simple fact we have something to log, and the hope of what we're tracking changing for the better can be enough to keep us going.  

Let's look at a few Progress Goals, and how you can use them!  


The Milestone

With this measurement, you are considering actual progress, and it is measured in some capacity.

For example:

If you were writing a book- you could consider reaching a certain word count as a Milestone;

If you are working on fitness you could consider working out for X amount of time a Milestone;

If you are building a business you could also consider getting X clients a Milestone.

The general rule here is:

If you have a measurable metric, consider the Milestone option for a Progress Goal.


The Deliverable

With this measurement, you are considering the completion of something as a milestone.

In school, you might have considered this a Book Report, or homework assignment. (I know sounds super exciting...)  But, that's just to give you an example.

This is true at work as well, and often with Accountability Partners.  In these set up you are expected to complete something within a time frame and report on it either through text, voice, in person, through a presentation or prototype.

The general rule here is:

If there's something you can complete as proof of your progress, consider the Deliverable option for a Progress Goal.


The Test

With this measurement, you are considering a challenge for your progress. This is usually the case with most athletes and musicians. When you see something that suggests you say- sign up for a run that you have to complete at the end of your goal period.

You can do multiple Tests throughout the goal period, making them progressively more difficult, or you could just have one anywhere though out.  Often throwing one in at the very end of any goal is a great way to mark the growth you've accomplished.  

The general rule here is:

If your progress can only be shown by pushing your limits (say lifting X more weight or writing X more words/per minute, for example) consider the Test option for a Progress Goal.


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