How to Get Stuff Done

Every day is filled with things, our things, work things, home things, life things- and if we let them external forces will take over all our time and efforts. 

Leaving no time left for the things we really want.

You need to know when to say - "No" and be the conductor of your own actions.

(Even if that means doing something for someone else.)

This is where Today's Targets come in. By setting your targets you take control of how you approach the day!

What matters most?  What things will you pass on, or set aside for later? 

Targets are critical to set because they give you a higher capacity to engage in deep work and not be stressed by random things that are bound to come up in the day.  

Let's look at some options for defining your Today's Targets!


Option 1: Ask yourself, "What will make today a win for you?"

The BestSelf Classic Approach

When you defined your goal on the 13 Week Roadmap page you defined several Actions + Tasks.

In this section, you'll write down the most pressing task you need to complete for the day.

What To Do
If you defined a one-off, repetitive, or skill-based task you'll want to copy it directly.

If you defined a process or project task you'll want to categorize the task into an overall target. Alternatively, consider what smaller part of the larger process, or project you are aiming to complete.

What things make a Win?

That's entirely up to you.  Maybe what will make a win today is finishing that report you've been putting off, or maybe it's making sure you spend time with the family.  It could be as simple as taking the time to appreciate what's around you. 

If you still aren't sure what makes your day feel like a win. This is a great awareness to develop with the Wins Section! 


Option 2: Ask yourself, "What's standing in the way of being productive?" 

The Daily Frog Approach

In most of our day-to-day lives. There is something we need to get done that keeps getting put off.

Instead of disappearing like other tasks, it looms and builds until it can even start affecting our health; mental, physical, or otherwise.

What To Do
Write down the three main things you need to get out of the way, so you can get on with it. 

What are Frogs?
These can be tasks important to your goal, or completely unrelated things that just need to get done. Whatever they apply to, these we refer to as your Frogs, and it's your job to "eat" them as early as possible in your day.

Once they are out of the way you'll note a feeling of freedom to the rest of your day. Get these Frogs done and gone so you can dive in headfirst to your goals without distraction or worry! 


Option 3: "What intents do I need to be in alignment with today?"

The Celery Test Approach

Developed by Simon Sinek, the Celery Test is an answer to when it's difficult to pinpoint and individual and specific target.  Maybe this is a challenge because you have so many random tasks, maybe it's because there are too many interruptions in your day. 

It happens, but you still need to set targets.

When you've got too much information coming in one of the best things to use is the Celery Test.  What this amounts to is attaching your Today's Targets to your values.

By what personal expectations or intents will you measure your actions by today? 

What To Do

Write down your three main intents for how you'd like to conduct yourself today. 

What's with the Vegetable?

It's simply a metaphor for what you believe in. It's a value or a belief you hold about yourself, or the world as a whole that you can align your actions with. No matter what happens stay true to you, and you can handle anything!


Option 4: "What dependencies need to be completed to move forward?"

The Assembly Line Approach

Sometimes targets are less about single things and more about following a progression. 

This is often most true with process and project tasks, and in these cases, it might be most important to define each step of the process or project that needs to be tackled today.

By making sure these things get done you'll know you and your team (if you have one) are on track and moving forward.

What To Do
Write down the three main steps you need to do to progress a big task. 

What if my Task is Too Big?

For any involved task that requires an Assembly Line Approach.  It's important to consider if you know and are practiced at all the actions needed to take those steps?  More than that, are you even interested in doing them?  Do you have others whom you can use to get this done?

More hands make less work, after all.

It might be that, for now, you are alone in doing this work.  That's ok too.  Just understand when you are setting yourself to do the work of multiple disciplines, you should still separate and estimate them as if they are being done by multiple people. 

Context switching will slow you down way more, than making this distinction.   


Final Thoughts

Today's Targets represent the 80/20 of your time and efforts.

Meaning these three things are 20% of the effort you need to achieve 80% of your desired result.

They in no way are intended to reflect the only tasks you'll finish for the day or to say that other tasks don't have their place and importance. They are intended to keep you focused on one thing- Progress over Perfection.

Whenever you set your targets keep this mantra in mind.

Note: If you're brand new to your goal it's entirely normal to be unsure what the 80/20 actions are, and more often than not some experimentation and reflection will be needed before you find them.

So don't worry, and don't skip the Weekly Reflection! It will be vital to your success!


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