Avoid the urgency trap, with the Eisenhower Matrix

Designed to help you manage your time when you're feeling overwhelmed. Use this framework to identify priorities and eliminate distractions. Click below to download your free PDF worksheet so you can fill in your own tasks and take action!

Step 1: Print out or draw a 2x2 grid on a piece of paper

The X-axis shows you how urgent a task is, and the Y-axis shows you how important. Use the Weekly Action Pad to brain-dump any and all tasks that are clouding your head.

Step 2: Fill in your tasks one by one

Categorize your to-do list into these 4 quadrants, with the most important AND urgent tasks on the top left. Hang it on your wall or transfer the priority tasks into your planner.

Step 3: Start with your "Do"

The tasks on the green "Do" box should be the ones you tackle first. For the blue box, schedule a time to do it in the near future (within the next 1-2 weeks).

Step 4: Be smart with your limitations

It's not possible to do everything at once. Take the time to pace, and delegate any tasks in the yellow box to someone who is more suited to it. Eliminate any tasks in the red box, as these are not worth your time right now. Store them away for future reference.