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Art of Persuasion Masterclass

Art of Persuasion Masterclass

Persuasion is a tactic that, when used effectively, can get you more “YESES” and what you want in your work, your studies and your life leveraging the power of persuasion.

Join Cathryn Lavery, founder and CEO of BestSelf Co. and Max Klymenko, business owner and "online edutainer" with over 2 million TikTok followers, for this one-hour masterclass where they share the power of persuasion, how you can be persuasive for good in many aspect of your life and the partnership that led to the creation of the Persuasion Deck.

During this masterclass you'll learn:

The power of persuasion and how it can benefit you in multiple aspects of your life

The difference between persuasion and manipulation

About our partnership with Max and his fascination with persuasion

A few persuasion tricks to try and the science/psychology behind them

Their own personal stories of how they've used persuasion to get what they want and create win-win situations

Get More "YESES" in Your Life with the Persuasion Deck

If you haven't purchased your Persuasion Deck yet, get it here and start receiving more of what you want in your work, your studies and your life leveraging the power of persuasion.

Questions & Answers

We received some great questions during the masterclass and want to share them with you. We'll be posting them within the next few days so make sure to check back if you have questions about persuasion how you can leverage persuasion in your life.

P.S. - They're also answered in the last 15 minutes of the masterclass replay above.

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