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Most tasks that we take on are smaller in scope and effort.  A few lines and a nice check-off does well, but the further along we get with a goal or an aspiration the bigger tasks can get. So big in fact that they become projects. 

Projects are tasks that involve multiple people, multiple tools, and often have dependencies such as one task that must be completed before another can be completed.  These are the most complex tasks you'll ever endeavor to do, in fact it can be so complex that there's a whole career dedicated to these tasks - Project Management.

But, that doesn't mean completing these tasks are out of scope for you.

Build the right understanding and skills and you can take these gargantuan tasks, follow this rule.

Rule 1: Break it down until it's simple. 

The biggest mistake most people make is to look at a project task as if it's a normal task.  It gets wrapped in with all the other tasks as if it's just another quick check-off.  When we do finally reach this task, we work on it for hours and seem to make very little progress or we stall out. 

By breaking this task down as much as possible.  We not only start to understand what the project really takes to complete.  We also create simple tasks that we can tackle along with everything else and make real progress.

So, when you come across a project grab your action pad and break it down! 


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  • The Deadline
  • The Project Name Section
  • The Outcome Goal Section
  • The Actions / Tasks Column
  • The Due Date Column
  • The Check-Off Column
  • The Progress Bar
  • The Notes Section



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