SELF Journal a Deep Dive Guide

The SELF journal is more than a guided notebook.

It's a proven system used by hundreds of thousands of people every day to achieve their goals and do things they thought were impossible.  We've had day workers start and grow businesses, couch warriors become marathoners, hobbyists become published authors and producing musicians.  The journal has helped so many people find success we're pretty sure the first person to set foot on Mars will probably be a SELF journal user! 

Maybe that person will be you. 

We believe no matter what you're aiming for, you can do it, and we can show you how. To get started really requires only one thing, so if you take nothing else away, remember this rule.

Rule 1: Take imperfect action.

When you take imperfect action you're building critical productivity muscles that are vital for getting you to the point where you're making adjustments based on results rather than assumptions.

Making this singular shift in your approach can change everything. 


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  • Goal Pages  # 4-7
  • Monthly Pages  # 8-13
  • Weekly Pages  # 14-39
  • Daily Pages  # 40-223
  • Freedom Pages  # 225-240




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