Self Scholar a Deep Dive Guide

A notebook for the student, the teacher, and the lifelong learner in us all!

 For some school is a fantastic experience. When you figure out how to succeed it can be a life-changer.  For others school is a struggle, assignments come and go and the struggle of juggling everything is all too real.  Still, others work with students and try their best to impart great habits not just for school, but for life in general.  For lots of us who've long since left the school systems, we see that learning never really stops. 

We've spent years working, existing, succeeding, and regardless of how we feel about the system we were brought up in it's always important to follow this critical rule.

Rule 1: Start where you are, grow to where you want to be.

Smooth transitions are a critical piece of success, and achieving a smooth transition requires maintaining and using what you have while learning new systems that can take their place. 

It requires understanding and not being afraid to use systems that work, no matter what some article or new study suggests. Do what works. 


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