When moment to moment presents a challenge, focus on the big picture.

Building Monthly Tasks

Good news! There's nothing new to create here, no significant assessments needed. No terribly deep thinking to consider.  A monthly task is purely an expansion of tasks you already have.  There are a few ways to go about creating these.  We'll cover them below. 


In the cases where the tasks you have are hard metrics or numbers, the monthly task would take the form of what those numbers would look like if you completed the task throughout the entire month.  

To keep things simple: Say you had the task of talking to 1 person a day. The monthly task would be to talk to 30 people.

This may feel redundant, but making that number 30 line clearly visible during your daily efforts can be powerfully motivating. Particularly, if one day you happen to talk to way more than 1 person. 


You may have lots of individual tasks that by themselves seem separate and while important, don't feel connected to the larger targets. 

Still, they wouldn't be on your list if they weren't important. So creating a Monthly Task that encompasses like tasks is a great way to see their impact. 

It might be something as simple as creating a category in Monthly Tasks for Administration, or Operations. You may be able to take several individual tasks and define a larger target like, Submit all Forms to Fund the Business. 

Final Thoughts

The easier you make noting progress, the more you'll tell your brain what you're doing is good, and it should put more resources towards your efforts.   


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