Weekly Action Pad a Deep Dive Guide

The To-Do List with a twist that makes you more productive than ever! 

The to-do list is the quintessential productivity tool, but it doesn't always work for everyone.  We all make lists, we all organize them in one way or another.  We all try to complete everything on the list. 

Yet, even with all these core factors in common, some people blow through their lists, while others find themselves distracted, unmotivated, and generally uninterested in their lists, no matter how beneficial they'd be to complete. 

A big factor in this is energy consumption. 

Like any activity working through tasks from the menial to the complex requires energy.  Some activities seem to give us more energy, we can do them for hours upon hours and lose complete track of time.  Some very nearly instantly drain us, making it feel impossible to do anything, much less the next thing. 

But, your mind is lying to you so remember this rule!  

Rule 1: Your mind says stop as a safety precaution.

It does this even if nothing is actually wrong.  Because the mind and body for that matter is all about conserving and optimizing resources.  If you are doing something that is not triggering physiological responses deemed "positive" then the mind is going to start suggesting you stop. 

So, keep in mind that often the first signal to stop, is a suggestion and that you are capable of so much more! 


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  • The Priority Column
  • The Projects Column
  • The Tasks Column
  • The Due Column
  • The Time Estimate Column
  • The E/N/D Ranking Column
  • The Check-Off Column



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