What Motivates You To Achieve Your Goals

Making a decision, choosing your destination. Do you know what motivates you? 

Do you know what motivates people in general?

It's actually pretty simple. It boils down to two core concepts - Pain & Pleasure.

Put simply we want to avoid pain, and get pleasure.  This avoidance or drive most often happens in the form of recognition, money, or contribution.

Why does this matter? 

Because, if you have a result goal defined without what motivates you behind it, the likelihood you will fail to achieve it is very high!

But, don't worry. We are here to work with you so that doesn't happen.

We compiled a definitive list of options for you to try as defined, or to mix and match until you find the way to define the goal that really resonates with you!


To take all the time to be introspective while defining your Result Goal.

A goal and what it means to you is deeply personal so the more deeply it speaks to you the more motivated you'll be to complete it!


Ways to Write a Motivating Result Goal

There's no limit to the ways you can express your Result Goal.  You should experiment with different words, ideas, and ultimate effects of achieving your goals, or not.  But, we'll guide you through a few variations you can use, expand on, or modify! 

Do your best to write a goal that makes you feel something, that digs deep, and gets you fired up when you say it out loud!  

If you try all these variations and nothing really gives you goosebumps, don't worry.  Pick the one that resonates with you most and move on.  For some, the excitement can be delayed.  

Get started and adjust as you go!


Option 1: BestSelf Statement

The BestSelf Statement considers that you are long term future motivated.

Use this form if you can create a clear image of the future in your mind.


Result Goal

What you want, what it will mean if you achieve it.


Why it's important for you 5 years from now.


Option 2: Intrinsic Statement

The Intrinsic Statement considers that you are internally motivated.

Use this form if you're highly empathetic and observe more than act.


Result Goal

What you want, how it will make you feel to complete it.


What values it exemplifies in who you strive to be.


Option 3: Extrinsic Statement

The Extrinsic Statement considers that you are motivated by rewards.

Use this form if you're highly ambitious and love to crush it. 


Result Goal

What you want, what you're going to get for doing it.


What people will think when you achieve it.


Option 4: Time-Bound Statement

The Time-Bound Statement considers that you're motivated by deadlines.

Use this form if you move constantly between things and never seem to finish projects. 


Result Goal

What you want, how long you have to do it.


How your life will change when you complete it.


Option 5: In-the-Now Statement

The In-the-Now Statement considers that you are short-term motivated. 

Use this form if you're highly spontaneous and make quick decisions.


Result Goal

What you want, how you'll feel if you don't do it.


What you will lose if you don't. 


Final Thoughts

Don't hesitate to experiment with different ways of writing the Result Goal try framing them in a way that amplifies the Pain or Pleasure you'll get for accomplishing, or not accomplishing the goal.

Note: It's very likely you may have multiple variations that appeal to you. If this happens try one at a time, for a month at a time, and see what your results look like. Stick with the one that gets you going and doing the work!


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