2020 Universal Wall Calendar

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Win the Day, Win the Year with this pack of two, extra-large, six-month wall calendars. Reusable. Undated. Start any time.

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Turn your wall into a powerhouse for productivity and planning.

Plans change, life happens, and priorities shift. That’s why you need an annual calendar that’s as flexible as you. The new 2020 Universal Wall Calendar is undated and printed on sturdy, dry-erase paper - so you can wipe-clean and use it again. Start in any month, and use the daily planning and monthly notes space anyway you choose.


Then, if things change [or a new 12 months begins], simply wipe clean and start over.


We created this large Wall Calendar for big thinkers and inspired dreamers – just like you. People who defeat the odds, take inspired decisions, and make things happen.


More than a calendar of reminders, this luxury planner inspires you to take the best ideas from your head and makes them tangible on paper – so you feel empowered and inspired on your journey to your best self.

Universal. Good for 2020 or ANY 12 months

Undated so you can start using this tool anytime you like. Printed on 100lb gloss cover dry-erase paper, this tool contains two 6-month calendars each measuring 22”x55” [or 56cm x 140cm] - It’s big!

Make big picture planning a breeze

Organize your thoughts, ideas, and thinking into a logical sequence of projects, events, and milestones - all neatly captured somewhere you can see.

Tailored to YOU

More than date tracking alone, you can use your calendar to log a chain of wins, plan focus months, or countdown to a deadline. Anything goes.

Wipe clean

Whether your plans change or a new year starts - you always have the option of a blank page with this reusable tool.

Spot hidden opportunities.

With the next 12 months carefully mapped out, you can spot white space and take steps to think bigger and achieve more.

Avoid overwhelm

Use as an external brain to capture tasks and ideas for later in the year. With ideas parked, you’ll reduce mental clutter and free up more bandwidth to focus NOW.


Undated. Wipe-Clean. Flexible.


Customer Reviews

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Perfect resources for me, to see the future, with my calendar, and the deck of cards, to plan, this better future.


Helps a lot!

Great product!

Just what I needed to keep all of my activities organized.