Edison Deck

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A creative and easy to follow framework for generating great ideas every day.

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Turn Your Brain Into An Idea-Generating Machine

If one idea can change your world, how do you ensure you have more of them?


Some people are naturally good at making suggestions, but idea generation is a skill you can sharpen as well as a talent.


The Edison Deck contains 150 prompt cards that inspire you to solve problems, think laterally, and innovate ideas.


Easy to use - simply pick a prompt and sit tight until you generate at least 10 ideas. It doesn’t matter if some are rubbish, it’s more important to capture your thoughts because the more you think, the more innovation flows.


Used regularly, Edison Deck cards train your brain to think beyond the obvious helping you make the new connections that lead to innovative suggestions. This valuable skill benefits all areas of your life whether you’re launching a side hustle, writing a book, or planning new experiences.


With Edison Deck to challenge your thinking, that one life-changing idea is now closer than you think.

Don’t leave ideas to chance

Empower yourself to think on your feet when you need to.

Boost your success

Success is directly proportional to the problems you solve and the ideas you have. Push yourself to answer tougher questions and the quality of your ideas will improve.

150 ideas in every pack

Just imagine the possibilities that will open up for you.

Think your way out of any problem

When you know you’ll always find an answer, you can throw yourself into challenging situations with confidence and ease.

Think Bigger And Achieve More

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Fueling big ideas & getting more done

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Can’t wait to use it with my team. My husband and I practice giving speeches with the decks to improve our public speaking.

Christina Stevens

My class of CNA students love the 10 things lists. When they are in need of a reset at the end of a long day it helps them think in new directions, laugh at classmate’s funny answers and leave my class smiling.

Lisa Sauer

"So many great ideas for journal prompts or even just ideas I had never considered. Who would have thought a deck of cards could be so thought-provoking??"

Jessica Bishop


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Edison Deck

So Clever

I started with the Edison deck for myself and my 13 year old to get conversations and creativity going! We now use it as topics for my team meeting and it has created such better dialogue than the regular sports/weather banter! I am going to start ordering these for my clients!


I'm in love with all things planner, lists and cards so when I stumbled upon BestSelf I knew that I'll like it. But it actually exceeded my expectations. Products are made in such quality and attention to details. Every little thing is thought of. Planner comes with through instructions and a bunch of inspiration. I started implementing the system and it works magically. Before I used Bullet Journal method so this switch was easy for me as the layout is pretty much the same as I used lately. The one small thing that was off for me – the order of days in weekly and daily spreads. I'm in Israel and our week starts from Sunday. But I guess we're the only ones like this.
So thank you BestSelf team!