Deeper Talk Deck

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A deck of 150 prompts for deep connections and more interesting conversations.

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A tool for creating lasting and more impactful connections...

If you want to have better conversations that help you hack small talk and inspire meaningful connections with the people you meet, the Deeper Talk Deck is for you.


This pack of 150 conversation prompts (divided into 6 categories: Courage, Beliefs, Life Lessons, Self-Awareness, Dreams and Exposed) are designed to uplevel your conversations, strengthen your connections, and empower you to know the people in your life in a more meaningful way.


This deck was inspired by customer feedback about the original Icebreaker Deck.


1000s of people told us how much they loved the DEEP category because of the quality of conversations the prompts ignited.


So we responded by creating an entire deck of them!


This deck is perfect for when you want to have more vulnerable conversations and create next-level connections with another person.


From building stronger teams to sparking discussions with your friends and family, this incredible tool is ready to make conversation one of the most rewarding aspects of your life.  

Expand your Icebreaker Deck

If you loved discussing the ‘DEEP’ topics in the original Icebreaker Deck, you’ll ❤️ the Deeper Talk prompts because the entire deck is filled with them!

Become a better communicator

Elevate your communication skills with prompts that encourage you to practice talking about more vulnerable topics and ideas.

Get to know people on a deeper level

It’s hard to spark lasting connections when you can’t get beyond small talk. To really know someone, you have to be vulnerable, share your heart, and speak your truth - three things the Deeper Talk Deck empowers you to do.

Have better conversations

Do you get bored by small talk? With these prompts in your toolbox, your conversations will be 10 times more interesting!

Escape the boring status-sqo

Bored of conversations that follow a predictable fow? Deeper Talk cards are a brilliant pattern interrupt. Bring them to your next date, family event or social gathering to spark conversations that warm your heart and stimulate your mind.

What's The Difference Between
Icebreaker and Deeper Talk?

Pick out your perfect conversation starter

Deeper Talk Deck

Perfect for when you want to connect on a deeper level.

Who it's for

For those who want to get to know people on a deeper level.


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Icebreaker Deck

Break free of small talk and connect in a meaningful way.

Who it's for

People who would like to break the ice and get to know new people.


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