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For a limited time only, the complete deck collection + the WorstSelf Game at a special low price

NEW! Little Talk Deck

These family conversation cards are carefully crafted to spark thought-provoking discussions with children.

WordSmith Deck

Designed to put the player in control of their creativity, 150 Wordsmith prompts will help bust down writers’ block or provide a simple way to start journaling and build a habit of writing every day.

Edison Deck

Stimulates the brain and helps people generate new ideas and then turn raw thoughts into actionable ideas.

Decision Deck

Provides clarity on which direction to take when facing a decision, asking the player to consider your rationale, question your bias and test your reasoning so you know you’re making the best decision for YOU right now.

Courage Over Comfort Deck

Invites people to experience personal growth in areas of health, learning, personal development, relationships, and experiences, and to become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable - a valuable life skill for all.

Icebreaker Deck

This deck of conversation-starters can be used when meeting new people, or getting to know more about partners, friends or work colleagues. The Icebreaker deck is designed to free people from the banality of small talk and have deep, meaningful conversations with anyone.

Intimacy Deck

Fosters open communication to help you and your partner connect deeper and rekindle your romantic relationship.

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A deck for all days
Awesome product. Awesome company