SELF Scholar

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The Essential Academic Tool That Empowers You To Achieve More

The SELF Scholar is packed with planning and productivity templates to help you organize your studies, your social commitments, and your life. With this tactical tool you can achieve your academic potential AND enjoy a packed student life that others envy.


College is a big investment of your time, energy, and money. So you want to achieve the qualifications that make your inevitable student debt worthwhile.

That’s why we created the SELF Scholar...

Not only do we want to empower you to achieve your academic potential, but we want to help you make college a memorable and enjoyable time too. After all, college should be some of the best years of your life.

And it can be… if you figure out how to have fun, hit deadlines, and produce work that’s worthy of your potential.

That’s what the SELF Scholar will help you do. In fact, it’s the planning and self-management tool we wish we’d had when we were studying.

Customer Reviews

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The SELF scholar works better for me!

I think a year ago now I had purchased the BEST SELF planner to help with one of my goals. But even though I loved the layout of that planner, I fizzled out. User error definitely not the planner. I had my eye on the SELF SCHOLAR because I’m in school. I struggle with adult A.D.D. And thought this would be a better tool for my top priority (school). I really took to this one! I like it a lot and will probably order more throughout my time in school. Thank you BEST SELF!

Exactly what I needed!

Starting my PhD this coming semester and wanted a journal/planner that allowed me to also organize large projects and reflect on daily and weekly achievements. This was literally exactly what I needed! Plan on buying one for every semester of my degree!


This journal makes developing yourself fun and easy. Love the different sections and layout for each day. Wish there was a blank page for each day to journal more. Great tool!

Kept me on track...wish they had a quarter version

The Best Self Scholar planner worked great for me this past semester and helped to manage my “senioritis” very well. I’m now transferring to a UC and only wish there was a version of this planner for the quarter system! I’m going to be modifying the semester one to use in the fall :)

Highest GPA yet

I used the Scholar last semester and had my highest GPA yet! I'm purchasing again and hopefully the trend continues!