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Well designed and sexy Journal
Easy to use, and encourages creative thinking.


Great idea, great product! Number of pages could be greater but it forces you to summarize. Thin as a regular bookmark.

Love Love

Great for the OCD , organized person to help track lists, etc

So far so good

One week in and I really like this planner

High quality materials and great structure!

This may be one of the best made planners I’ve ever seen or used. I love the prompts and structure! The materials used are really good too — such a pleasure to work with!

Love these and had to buy extra for my husband

My husband and I are now both using these journals and "check in" with each other every night by filling out the journal together. Absolutely awesome!


I haven't had it long but it has definitely increased my productivity. Still trying to learn the ins and outs. I do wish there were somewhere to write an ongoing to-do list instead of transferring each day. Yes there are note pages in the back but not many and they fill up quickly with other things. Would also like to see a designated contact list section. It arrived very quickly and the communication along the way was fab!!

Best Self Journal

Was given as a gift and they absolutely love it!


Bought one each for my wife and I. When the bands arrived I thought they were a little tight, but have stretched to fit our wrist beautifully. Wear them every day to remind us no matter what comes round the corner we're still breathing :-)

Exactly what I needed in my life!

The SELF Journal was recommended to me on a course and I literally ordered it that same day. It arrived very quickly which was unexpected and I started using it the same day. It is now part of my daily ritual and as a business owner it has been invaluable. I have been so much more organised and despite being incredibly busy, I seem to be getting so much more done! I have quite a hefty collection of notebooks, journals and diaries, however the SELF Journal is by far my favourite. I would highly recommend it for anyone that wants to be more organised in their lives and more goal-focused :-)

Excellent Tool

Has really kept me on task - I am on my second Journal now & using it even more effectively than I did the first time - big goals being conquered! Thank you!


Amazing and productive tool for keeping me busy


It takes time to set up, but it's a terrific journal!

4 Pack seasonal limited editions journals.

Was relived to get the pack so promptly as I had left the re-order a bit late. I'm really thrilled with the seasonal coloured pack - I love the colours and it will be easier to lay my hands on each quarter if I have to look back on anything. I also find the new week-view feature really useful. These journals are turning out to be my all time favourite. Highly recommend them.

Great bracelet !

I very much enjoy this bracelet. A good reminder to breathe,focus and be calm !

Improve my sales

So far so good. Haven’t used it for a week yet but making progress

Perfect Purchase for an Entrepreneur

My boyfriend needed a planner to help get his new business off the ground. He has been SO HAPPY with the Scholar and it has helped him tremendously. We will be back for more products soon!

Best planner for goal diggers ;)

Very easy to use. I got the leather cover also and it’s gorgeous. Love everything about both.


I loved this journal! My favorite page was the assignment page, I just wish there was more like it.

Thank you!

Exceeded my expectations! Nothing like it!

Most productive and reflective I have been in awhile!

Thank you Best Self. You have a tremendous product. If you ever create a product that is more accessible to students (content wise and price point wise) let me know. I work in a public high school and would love it if students had this tool.

New self

The journal has allowed me to organize my day and consistently reflect and set the bar higher everyday. My life has changed for ever!!!!!

Staying on track

For the first time in years, I am doing better at staying on track. Not every day is a perfect day...and sometimes I completely fall off the scheduling & goal wagon, but this helps me get back on every morning. As a planner snob/mom/business owner, I am very particular about my planners. But I hadn't found one that helps with goals and a day tracker until now. Truly the best addition to my daily routine.

AMAZING Tool and Product

It's everything advertised and more. The quality of the journal (cover, paper, etc.) took me by surprise. Worth the investment.

Love it

I've seen amazing results from the Self Journal. Not only am I able to organize my big goals into bite-sized pieces, I've also seen a lot of value in training myself to focus on things I'm grateful for. I feel like it's helped me to rewire my brain for a more positive outlook. I've almost finished my first Self Journal and I've seen it make a huge impact on my career and overall happiness. Now onto the next one.

Love this so much!

I adore this journal. I’m traveling and made sure to bring it - I am so happy with the daily, weekly, and long term outcome possibilities

So helpful!!!

First time journaling! Loving it so far!

Make your successes visible

I'm training for a couple events in 2018 (seal fit, mountaineering camp, marathon) and this calendar keeps my timeline visible and my successes noted. I put a big bold check mark when I win the day. Every time I think about cutting a workout short or quitting I tell myself I won’t be able to make that check mark. It feels so good to come home and see this calendar full of checkmarks!

Beautiful colors!!!

I already love my self journal, but the colorful limited edition makes the journal so much more exciting and special!


Delivery just in time

Perfect Product, Perfect Presentation

This journal is everything I need it to be. It's not too pretty so I'm not afraid of using it, it's not intimidating, and the prompts are useful so I'm motivated to use it. The packaging it comes in is an added treat, and the passion behind the product is evident. Keep it up, guys.

Fast delivery!

I was very impressed by the fast delivery - the estimated time was up to 10 days and it arrived in only 3!

Excellent product

Great framework and concepts. Love it.


The journal itself is well thought out, and has many excellent ideas that will undoubtedly help you achieve more of your goals, and feel motivated along the way to do so. But the constant-bombardment of American marketing and go-get-em attitude is something, fortunately, you can turn off!

On the expensive side but worth it

The format is great and if you subscribe fully to the methodology then it can be an invaluable tool. The currency conversion stings us in the UK so it ends up being quite a high price to justify for a journal but... I love using it and it never leaves my side so for me it’s a good investment.

So far so good!

Keeping on track for the most part and feels good celebrating my days and being grateful!

Love it

Really pleased with this SELF Journal. I've bought similar things in the pst, but none as effective as this. Not only have I become more productive, I've become a bit kinder to myself as I reflect on my day which makes everything a whole lot more enjoyable!


I am a right brain dominant creative absent minded genius!!! ha ha ha And this journal has actually tamed my crazy mind. I haven't been able to keep up with it every single day yet (I'm in the first month) but I can feel it's power already and every day I'm doing my best to follow the cues and WIN THE DAY!! My only compliant (if you want to call it that) is that there was an offer of a set of beautiful coloured journals and I SOOOOO wanted them but you can't buy them individually or on subscription... what's that about. Anyway, I'm defo subscribing when my 12 weeks are up - so PLEASE make those colourful journals available, the blue and grey are deadly dull and boring!

Best thing ever!

I never rate or recommend products, but this journal changed my life. It is the only thing on the planet that helps me stay organized and focused. In just having it for a month, I have already completed way more than I did in the past six months! I take it everywhere like it’s my child.

I love that it helps me set out my end goals and makes me refer back to them on a weekly basis.

Looks great, incredibly useful

The sidekick is brilliant. Great leather and really nice size for any pocket. Also feels like it will last a long time. Highly recommended.

Form & Function Magic.

Constantly being improved. Made by real people for real people. The Motivational Monday emails are insightful and meaningful. The upbeat attitude adds a spark to keep you going. Only complaint. Either their timing is off on the ordering or mine. After 1 year of using the product on autoorder, I seem to be a quarter ahead.


SELF Journal

Great Guide to Goal Setting

Love it

5 Books in and loving it!

I've read all the greats of time management and personal development and tried their approaches - this book and the framework upon which it is built is the easiest and simplest to adopt and to maintain. By focusing on a 13-week sprint (for lack of better image), I've seen marked improvements in my goal progression. The nightly reflections and weekly reviews are natural extensions of the daily use and have helped me to reflect on my life choices and decisions taken (albeit with an air of self-sadness and disappointment).

The books themselves are the most durable quality. The pages are heavy stock and can be written on using all the implements I carry about me. The cover and binding tolerates life's abuses with style and ease.



Love it!

I’ve never really used a daily planner, but by using the Self Journal, I get things done every day and I’m reaching my goals. I’m loving it so much.

What I needed

I am someone who plans and organizes as needed. I have a big couple months coming up along with goals I wanted to meet. The Self Journal has allowed me to map out my professional, personal and side goals. It allows me to stay focused on the task at hand while planning out what I need to get done in the long run.

Zero in on your goals.

Outstanding tool. Loving it.


I'm truly achieving more per day with this journal. One month in, and I'm right on track to my goal, maybe even a little bit ahead. I had trouble sticking with it the first time around, to be honest, but now on my second journal I've got it down. I highly recommend this, particularly for freelancers.

A rainbow of possibilities!

One of my grumbles about the wonderful best Self Journal is the dull range of colours and so I was delighted to be able to buy a set in cheery ‘seasonal’ shades. The Best Self system has changed my life dramatically - I thoroughly recommend it!