Anyplace - Weekly Edition

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Anyplace? Weekly calendar

It is OK. Convenient

ANYPLACE - Weekly Edition

The Dry-Erase Weekly Calendar

That Goes Anywhere!

The Anyplace™ - Weekly Edition redefines weekly to-do’s. No more crumpled post-it notes, half filled notepads, or random paper cluttering up your workspace. Long gone are the days of poorly laminated calendars that rip and are hard to erase. Say hello to a more efficient and higher quality calendar that goes ANYPLACE and keeps you organized with less work.

With your workout plan, meal plans, meetings, deadlines or just daily to-do’s right in front of you at all times, this weekly dry-erase blueprint is everything you need to stay on track. By sticking to most flat surfaces whether it’s your desk, fridge, bathroom mirror or even your laptop you can easily bring it with you throughout your day and week.

Every pack of Anyplace™ - Weekly Edition comes with with two sets. One for home, one for work, or take both wherever you need them to be.

Easy To Write On, Easier To Erase

With regular white boards and other dry-erase products, when you leave the marker on too long it’s not easy to wipe off. With Anyplace™ - Weekly Edition there’s no streaking or marker residue left behind. It also means your marks will easily wipe off with no need to spray water or harshly scrub to get it clean. So, go ahead and use as many colors and thick lines as you want on this calendar because erasing will always be a breeze. With nothing more than a few wipes, your calendar is clean and white for the next weeks entries.

Press-On, Peel-Off With Nothing Left Behind

Our unique adhesive is specially designed with Suction Technology. That means it stays on the wall when you need it to, and comes off when you’re done. No sticky gunk on your walls, or taking chunks of paint with it when you move it. Move it around the room so your weekly snapshot is always visible, or press it to your desk or workspace to keep your weekly plans at your fingertips.  

Simplify Your Life One Week At A Time

Anyplace - Weekly Edition is designed with plenty of space for each day of the week and a combined weekend slot. But we know that some days are bigger than others, so we’ve left plenty of room below in a dot grid notes section that gives you plenty of space for notes, sketches or other reminders.

Big Enough To Capture Your Plans, Small Enough To Go ANYPLACE

The stylish design and compact 10" x 7"  size make it perfect for your home, office, classroom, desk, coworking space, Airbnb….you get the idea...anyplace you are, Anyplace  - Weekly Edition is there with you!  Anyplace  - Weekly Edition will fit in your backpack, book bag, or luggage without the need to fold, bend or crease. It’s high quality and made of durable material with a laminated surface that won’t fade and will last for many years to come.

  • Easy-On, Easy-Off Writing And Erasing: We developed Anyplace  - Weekly Edition with High quality dry-erase laminate. It’s smooth dry-erase surface is easy to write on, but still erases easily without leaving any streaks or residue from previous notes.
  • Visualize Your Week Offline: Anyplace - Weekly Edition is designed to be a  great visual organizer for writing down important events by hand as opposed to the computer. Your life for the next week will be right in front of you and won’t disappear when you turn off your computer screen.
  • Out-Of-The-Box Ready-To-Use: Unlike other large and bulky calendars, Anyplace  - Weekly Edition is never rolled or folded. It’s designed to fit in small places like backpacks, luggage, and work bags so you’ll never have to fold or crease it.  
  • Life Simplified. One Week At A Time. This calendar is durable yet compact at 10" x 7". We’ve even added extra space in a dot-grid notes section for days that are a little bigger than others.