Breathe Band

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When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace

The BREATHE Band was created to anchor you through the stress of everyday life. Crafted from natural vegetable-tanned leather and starts out as a light tan color, and will slowly transform and darken to a beautiful burnt sienna color with wear, creating a unique piece to you.

01 Natural Vegetable Leather

Full grain, vegetable tanned leather from a tannery in Tuscany, Italy.

02 Solid Brass Hardware

Custom designed military-grade hardware with antique finish.

03 Built to Last

Produced with only plant and vegetable extracts and no harmful chemicals.

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Great reminder and the clasp is great!


This was on my Christmas/birthday present list for such a long time but was firmly ignored by the (now ex-) husband. (Not entirely the Breathe band’s fault he became an ex, I hasten to add!! )

So anyway, I finally purchased it as a gift to myself a couple of weeks ago. And boy, am I glad I did! Not only is the leather far softer and more comfortable that I imagined it to be but it fits perfectly (do measure your wrist before ordering!). I’m also really surprised at how often I clock it while wearing it - it does actually make me stop and take a much-needed breath/moment. I love the anchor fastening too. Such a simple yet clever idea. Yes, wearing it does help me feel more grounded.... (and that’s so how I’m gonna justify it!! )

Breathe Band

Its a perfect reminder for me to take a step back and think. Or at time I look at it, take a breath and go for it! The quality is amazing and durable!