Project Action Pad

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A powerful project management tool that helps you strategize complex goals and enjoy project success.

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A Proven Tool To Mastermind Big Projects

Ever had a project that’s so intimidating you don’t know where to start? If so, you’re not alone. Deciding how to close the gap on a stretching goal is a common problem for big thinkers.


The Project Action Pad puts you back in charge.


Use this powerful ‘external brain’ to break down your project into its component parts. With a task list and due dates captured, it’s easier to create a clear plan of action.


With your plan on paper, you can swap repetitive thoughts and low-level decisions for productivity. Parking tasks for later unlocks more bandwidth for creative problem solving and innovation too. It’s how you can turn project to-dos into DONES and crush the complex goals that will transform your life.


Use the Project Action Pad to swap indecision for clarity, boost your confidence, and tackle your next big project with ease.


7” x 11.75” in size. 52 templates printed on fountain pen friendly paper. Each page is as a tear sheet making each template simple to remove and use on the go.

Plan any project

From party planning, to home renovations, to writing a book, launching a business, or training for a marathon, this project management tool can handle them all.

Stay on track, deliver on time

With a master list of tasks and due dates, it’s easy to prioritize and plan.

Mastermind complex goals

Break down a multi-task goal into its component parts - so you can take action and reduce overwhelm.

Cut indecision and overwhelm

Projects fail when you deliberate over your next steps or doubt the tasks you’re tackling. The Project Action Pad gives you the confidence to make decisive choices and keep moving forward.


Your External Brain For Project Success


How To Get Started With Your Project Action Pad


How to use external brains to
crush your goals


What makes a goal
a project


How to braindump your way
to project success


Totally pleased with my purchase. It's really helping me stay organized at work. It also helps me keep an eye out for things that would normally fall off my plate.


So excited to get the habit roadmap and the action planners! The team also helped me with an error in my purchase that I made and were so helpful! Thanks BSC!

Ryan Stelmack

We love all their products and couldnt be more happy with them!

Steve Trussell


Customer Reviews

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The Project Pad! Simple, useful, and unique.

I am a fan of Best Self products and this project pad lives up to the brand. I think it is a very useful tool to quickly generate roadmaps and rough outlines too!

Andrew Ocampos

Life Changing

My life changed in just the first 4 hours of using the Self Journal! My day has not just been productive but I get to reflect on personal level and just be an overall better person!

I'm finally getting my projects done!

As a solo-podcaster, I find it hard to juggle all the different projects I'd like to start. I'm also someone who gets overwhelmed at the idea of working on something big. Having the project action pad has allowed me to break down what needs to happen and actually make these projects attainable. So far, I've completed three projects I thought would NEVER happen. I've even created one for buying a new car! Absolutely love this tool and would highly recommend to any overwhelmed/anxious folks out there who think they can't take it on. You can!