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Scribe + 3 Prompt Card Decks Bundle
Build Confidence, Make Better Decisions, Generate More Profitable Ideas

All the answers you need are locked inside you. This bundle of the Scribe notebook + three question card decks for high-achievers, inspires creativity, self-discovery, and sound decision-making. Use your decks in your daily practice to get closer to your best self.  

  • SCRIBE - Still looking for the perfect notebook? We were too. It’s why we created Scribe. Designed for people who want to get all their best ideas onto paper, Scribe combines quality with get-organized features. Perfect for journaling, brainstorming, bullet journaling, sketching, to-do lists, decision-making, diarizing, and any other time you need to empty your head, Scribe is your essential top performance tool.
  • EDISON IDEA PROMPTS - your success is directly proportional to the problems you solve and the ideas you have. Pick a card to ask yourself tougher questions, stretch your thinking, and become more creative. You’ll soon be able to generate ideas at will.  
  • DECISION DECK - follow the proven, step-by-step framework to unlock the guidance you need to deal with all kinds of dilemmas robustly and confidently. Make better decisions, create a better life. Take timely decisions, and you’ll create momentum instead of stagnation.
  • WORDSMITH WRITING PROMPTS - cut through writer’s block and dive deep into your thinking, your ideas, and your experiences. Your reflections will build self-esteem, unlock passion, and develop your intuition. It’s a daily practice that’s therapeutic and productive.  


Keep it on your desk, pop it in your bag, open it on the plane, pull it out when you’re out and about. It’s ready when you are because ideas aren’t predictable. In fact, sometimes they’re down right inconvenient! So make sure you don’t miss a eureka moment by investing in a notebook that’s got your back.

  • Perforated corners help you stay on track
  • Ribbon marker saves your page
  • Lay flat technology makes writing a breeze
  • Expanding back pocket for storing more
  • Dot-grid pages for maximum flexibility
  • Durable soft cover makes Scribe perfect for everyday carry


Ideas can change the world. It’s why high achievers train their minds to generate ideas at will. Now you can too with this card deck from BestSelf.Co.

This card deck contains 100 prompt cards split into 7 categories: education & career, entrepreneurship, finances, love & relationships, personal development, recreation, and random.

Simply pull a card, open your notebook, and write 10 ideas in response to each prompt. That’s 1000 new ideas you have to work with. Of course they won’t all be good, but you only need one idea to change your life.

Used regularly, your Edison cards train your brain to think beyond the obvious so you can make new connections and come up with innovative ideas. It’s a skill that will benefit all areas of your life from launching a side hustle, to creating new products, to writing a book, to planning our experiences. With Edison to challenge your thinking, you can open up a whole new world of possibility for your life.

So let the Edison Deck stimulate your creativity and turn you into an idea generating machine. That one life-changing idea could be closer than you think.

  • 100 prompt cards measuring 2.5” x 3.5”.
  • Printed on aqueous coated cardstock.
  • Presented in a handy cardstock box.



Is your life on hold because you can’t decide which way to turn? Decision paralysis wastes time, closes down opportunities, and creates frustration.

The Decision Deck is a comprehensive framework that guides you to thoroughly think through dilemmas in all areas of your life - so you can decide your next steps. With prompts to consider your rationale, your bias, your assumptions and much more, this tool creates more certainty in your choices.

Simply work through the process card by card to get the clarity and confidence you need to make the right choice. From business, to personal, to relationship dilemmas, this deck will get you unstuck, stop you going around in circles, and help you live life to the full.

  • 31 cards measuring 2.5” x 3.5”
  • 24 decision-making prompts
  • 4 reflection cards
  • 3 wipe-clean, make your own prompts
  • Plus 1 introduction & 1 instruction card


The more you know yourself, the more you can do. It’s why high-achievers swear by their daily journaling practice. Now you can join them with the help of your WordSmith Deck.

Packed with 100 cards split into 6 categories Life, Education & Career, Love & Relationships, Self Reflection, Random, and World get ready to unlock an endless stream of inspired thoughts.

Simply grab a prompt to focus your thinking and break through writer’s block with ease. You’ll soon be filling your blank notebook with valuable ideas that actually enhance your life.

Perfect for developing emotional intelligence, self-belief, and reflective insights, these prompts will sharpen your writing skills while nurturing your success.  

  • 100 prompt cards
  • Printed on aqueous coated cardstock.
  • Presented in a handy cardstock box.