Limited Edition Silver SELF Journal

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Limited Edition Silver SELF Journal

The tool that kick-starts your best self journey

Ready to invest in yourself and hustle after your goals?

If this is your first SELF Journal, then the limited edition silver is the perfect choice for you.

Packed with the same high-performance features as the other colors, the silver journal contains the explainer pages at the front. (They’re not printed in a separate booklet.)

It means your progress won’t stall if you forget your how-to guide when you’re out and about.

Instead, you can jump to the front pages for a quick reminder of what’s what - then carry on crafting a winning day that keeps the needle moving to your goals.



Take a look inside

The Self journal is divided in 3 distinct sections: The Daily,
Weekly and Monthly. Each one is tailored to keep you
focused and on track for achieving your goals. 

Achieve big things

Use the proven system to optimize your performance by aligning your day-to-day output with your big goals.

Believe you can smash it

Incorporate the success tactics of the world’s top performers into your everyday life – effortlessly

Deeply connect with your goals

Daily gratitude, reflection, and goal setting combine with 30-minute scheduling to keep you laser focused.

Quadruple your output

13-week goals cut procrastination and maximize your productivity by keeping the end is in sight.

The Daily Structure for Success

Morning & Nightly Gratitude, Today's Targets & Goals, a 6AM-9PM daily schedule, and plenty of space for notes.

The Self Journal will help you
become the person you know
you can become

Undated - Start anytime

13 week long - The ideal 
time frame for goal setting

Backed by Science

What’s more, past ‘failures’ are not your fault. You can’t be successful through drive and determination alone. You also need tools and systems to keep you focused, disciplined, and in control.

The SELF Journal’s tried and tested structure empowers you to leverage the same success strategies as the world’s top performers. You’ll find it bridges the gap between idea and implementation. Where vision gets you started; execution delivers the goods. It’s where most people slip up… they miss targets and fail to deliver - because they get overwhelmed and lose sight of what needs to get done on a day-by-day basis.

The SELF Journal solves this roadblock - permanently. It helps you plan each day powerfully - for maximum output. It encourages reflection and it keeps you on track.

So if you’re serious about transforming your life, empower yourself with this game-changing tool. Used by Daymond John as well as thousands of entrepreneurs and goal-smashers, it could become the key to the inevitable success you deserve.

Customer Reviews

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This journal really helps to keep me on track with my days and help me accomplish my goals.

Excellent Organization Of Thought

What can I say that hasn't already been said about this product. It is the #1 tool in my arsenal for getting things done. I never write reviews but this was a must. I absolutely love this journal.

Great journal!

I love how it doesn’t start on January 1st and the morning and evening gratitude exercises are a simple and effective addition. Super happy with my purchase. Not to mention it’s also very attractive

Even better

I’ve been using the journal for a while and just by changing the color of the cover it has a different feel. Great job and keep the new colors coming....

This is my second one! :)

Love it - such a helpful tool/diary. Has really kept me organised in my day to day tasks and given me the chance to be grateful for everything that is happening right now. Couldn't be more happier. P.s gets dirty so make sure you get a cover :)