SELF Scholar

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The Essential Academic Tool That Empowers You To Achieve More

The SELF Scholar is packed with planning and productivity templates to help you organize your studies, your social commitments, and your life. With this tactical tool you can achieve your academic potential AND enjoy a packed student life that others envy.


College is a big investment of your time, energy, and money. So you want to achieve the qualifications that make your inevitable student debt worthwhile.

That’s why we created the SELF Scholar...

Not only do we want to empower you to achieve your academic potential, but we want to help you make college a memorable and enjoyable time too. After all, college should be some of the best years of your life.

And it can be… if you figure out how to have fun, hit deadlines, and produce work that’s worthy of your potential.

That’s what the SELF Scholar will help you do. In fact, it’s the planning and self-management tool we wish we’d had when we were studying.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful idea

Such an amazing gift! I love the self growth I am able to get from using it. Keep up the great product ideas! 🤙🏽

Love the SELF Scholar Journal!

I have used about 4 of the SELF Journals and wanted something that would extend to my new PhD journey. I decided to see if there was a journal specifically for students and I was super excited to find the SELF Scholar. It's perfect to keep me on track with my assignments, as well as, things like what I'll eat each day. I'm also glad that gratitude is still included in these, too.

Wonderful even for work (no school)

I haven’t used it yet, but I recently finished a best self journal and wanted to try the other layout! I’m starting it once September begins and I am very excited! I also convinced a friend to give it a try since she is working full time and is also going into her last semester of her masters program. Unfortunately, her journal was stolen before she could even make it home with it :( :( I’m just hoping someone else gets use out of it