Wall Calendar + Anyplace Weekly

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Want to make 2019 your best year yet? Then make it happen with these two premium productivity tools. Pin both on your wall for an at-a-glance weekly and annual view of your deadlines, dates & any other notes you need to know!

More than just a usual weekly to-do list or a calendar, these two productivity tools helpyou organize your thoughts, ideas, and plans into a logical sequence of projects, events, and milestones.



Its jumbo size means you can’t ignore what’s staring you in the face! Finally, no more forgotten dates, missed opportunities, or squandered time. It’s why this tool is perfect for anyone who wants to get organized and stay on top of it all:

  • Annual view: See your entire year at-a-glance with this jumbo wall calendar. It's perfect for your office to help you plan, organize and remember important dates.

  • Room to write: Measuring 22" x 35", you'll benefit from large date squares so you can write down everything you need to. Now you can visualize and plan your year without cramming in notes.
  • Durable: Laminated with a dry erase coating for robustness and usability, your 2019 wall calendar is designed to last an entire year.

  • Dry Erase: Your plans change, deadlines shift and unexpected projects pop up. Simply wipe clean and update your planner to ensure you're always up to date. 
  • Reversable: Horizontal or vertical? It's up to you! It's printed with both so you get to choose which format works best for your space.

  • Ships rolled, not folded: No frustrating wrinkles or creases. Instead, your calendar is shipped in a protective tube so you can hang up a planner that looks like it just came hot off the press!



Want to get more organized and boost your productivity? Anyplace - Weekly Edition can help. This versatile, reusable film sticks effortlessly to almost any flat surface helping you win the week.

Just like a whiteboard, this wipe clean surface can be used over and over again. It’s removable too without leaving any damage. So place it on your laptop today, your fridge tomorrow, or your office door next week.

  • Boost productivity: Get yourself organized with the help of this reusable, dry-erase weekly planner - one for the office and one for home. With space for each day plus a handy note section you can use as a message board, you can get everything organized anyplace.
  • Highly functional: Measuring 10” by 7”, Anyplace - Weekly Edition is the perfect size to map out your week’s tasks, plan meals and meetings, or stay on top of a busy family or social schedule - then wipe clean and use again.

  • Versatile and easy to use: Super sticky, this self adhesive tool ‘clings’ to almost every flat surface - including your desk, fridge, bathroom mirror, walls, doors, tables, or even your laptop. Easy installation and thanks to suction technology there’s never any stickiness or residue left behind.

  • Removable: Stick it up, peel it off, then re-stick it somewhere else. Take it anyplace and use anywhere you need a portable whiteboard surface to plan on. This weekly planner is perfect for school, office or your home.

  • Damage free and stainproof: Unlike stickers, wall decal, and contact paper, Anyplace - Weekly Edition transforms flat surfaces into a place for planning and organization without leaving marks or scuffs. There’s no annoying chalk dust either like you get with chalkboards.

  • Use again and again and again: Rather than planning on paper that ends up in the trash, Anyplace: Weekly is reusable and durable. Good for you and great for reducing waste