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A deck of 150 writing prompts designed to inspire journaling, cure writer's block, and put you back in control of your creativity.

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Less writer’s block, more writing.

Most of the challenges you’ll face in life are connected to your mindset. If you think you can’t, then you won’t! That’s why self-awareness is a leader’s superpower. The more you know about yourself, the more you can do, the bigger you can think, and the higher you can aim.


It’s why top-performers swear by their daily journaling practice and now you can join them with the help of your WordSmith Deck.


Packed with 150 writing prompts cards divided between six categories (life, self, education, world, relationships and random), this card deck inspires you to write your own journey of self-discovery.


Perfect for developing emotional intelligence, self-belief, and reflective insights, these prompt cards will sharpen your writing skills while nurturing your success. Use this tool to beat writer’s block, focus your thinking, and fill your blank notebook with insights that might just change your life.

Conquer the blank page!

With prompt cards to inspire your thinking, you’ll never be at a loss of things to write again. Goodbye writer’s block!

Free up bandwidth

Repetitive thought loops take up bandwidth and drain creative energy. Journaling helps find closure to free up valuable headspace.

Write your way to your best self

With 150 thought-provoking prompts to keep you inspired, it’s easy to make writing and journaling part of your daily routine.

Develop emotional intelligence

Writing is a practice that’s both therapeutic and productive. Regular reflections build self-esteem, unlock passion, and strengthen your intuition.

Sharpen your writing skills

Think you can’t write? Like any skill, the more you practice the better you get. WordSmith cards get you writing, not procrastinating.

Think Bigger And Achieve More

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Fueling big ideas & getting more done

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I recently purchased the wordsmith deck because I wanted to get started journaling again and this has been a wonderful way to think about so many things that don't usually come up in normal conversations with my self. I love that it gets you thinking about early memories and early relationships. It's such an eye opening way to express things that may have had a huge impact in your life. Definitely such a great purchase!

Nicole Andujar

Brilliant! I'm finally truly enjoying my journaling experience. Before these cards, I had difficulty getting a regular habit going, --but no more!

Elizabeth Craig


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