10 Mindsets For Making An Impact

10 Mindsets For Making An Impact

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?” - Steve Jobs

There’s something beautiful and powerful about knowing your life has touched another’s in a positive way that makes us feel good. Knowing you've made an impact makes you feel valuable. It gives your life a bigger context that extends beyond you alone. It elevates feelings of connection because through impact we remember how we’re all connected and not alone. 

The impact you make doesn’t need to be huge for it to matter. You might impact lives by starting a non-profit or by creating a product that transforms how people live. 

But equally important is the conversation you have with someone who’s hit their limit. Or the mentorship you give to a rising star who benefits hugely from your influence. 

What’s more, your impact creates a ripple effect that spreads out into the world in ways you can’t imagine or predict. 

What might the person you’ve helped do for someone else? 

It’s a mystery of life and a reminder that no act is too small to be significant. 

So how do you maximize your chances of making an impact in the way that you want? 

These ten mindsets are a great place to start. 

Let’s dive in!

1. Love yourself 

    People aren’t only touched by what you do. They are moved by who you are and how you make them feel. 

    People respond to your energy and your vibe, which is why impact gets amplified by your level of self-love. There’s a correlation. The more you appreciate who you are, the less you’ll doubt your instincts - which means there’s an increased likelihood that you’ll follow through on your impact idea.

    So do what you can to cultivate self-trust. You’ll find it’s a lot easier to follow your heart with confidence when you’re sure you’re taking the right action. 

    There are plenty of ways to increase self-love. 

    Journaling is a great place to dive deep into the inner work and boost your self-awareness. A gratitude practice will inspire a positive mindset and switch on optimism. Have a play to see what methods work for you.

    2. Expand your comfort zone

      Making an impact isn’t always easy. Chances are you’ll face your fears and take on new challenges. But that’s part of the magic of making your mark. In the process of inspiring others, you’ll also discover that you can do more than you ever imagined possible. 

      In the process, you realize you’re more influential than you thought previously. 

      So be brave and lean into courage. 

      Learn to find comfort inside the discomfort and enjoy discovering how powerful you are. 

      3. Go the extra mile

        The extra mile is ridiculously under crowded. Most people stop just before they reach the area where another step can make all the difference. 

        What could you do beyond the point where others stop trying or give up to make a difference? 

        4. Serve others 

          Any time you help someone out, you make an impact. 

          Whether you do a random act of kindness or volunteer for a charity, every act of service makes a difference in the world.

          Not only that, but every time you contribute, you feel good too!   

          5. Share your story

            Change starts with you. 

            Anytime you lead or reveal possibilities, there will be others who feel inspired by your actions and want to get involved too.  

            So lead the way. You never know who you’ll inspire when you choose to go first. 

            Share your stories, speak from your heart, and express your truth. Leverage your life experiences as examples to show others what’s possible. 

            It’s a beautiful way to make an impact. 

            6. Make a stand for the things you believe in

              Your voice has insane power. If you can articulate your beliefs and values in an empowered way, you can have a lot of influence - and even ignite change. 

              And don’t think a single voice can’t do much. 

              Just look at people like Greta Thunberg and Rosa Parks, and you can see the far-reaching impact that one individual can make. 

              Speak out and advocate for the causes you believe in. 

              Be the example and spark thought-provoking conversations that get others thinking. Who knows where your voice could lead. 

              7. Check your balance between creating and consuming

                We’re in the information age where information is virtually infinite. 

                There’s barely any room for boredom these days because entertainment and conversation are at our fingertips [literally]. There is a negative side to this entertainment on tap. If we’re not mindful, we can quickly lose ourselves in the internet abyss - emerging hours later wondering what we actually achieved. 

                If you spend all your time consuming, there’s less space and scope for your ideas. 

                So find the right balance. 

                Make room to get inspired with your own creativity. Get into writing, poetry, dance, painting, crafts - whatever gets you excited. Art touches people in beautiful ways. How could you impact others with your unique expression? 

                8. Give compliments

                  As humans, we all long to be seen and heard for who we really are. 

                  Don’t underestimate the impact that a well-timed, specific compliment can make on another individual. Compliments work because they show that you’ve noticed something valuable and beautiful in another person. They allow others to feel acknowledged and noticed. 

                  • Tell your VA how much you value what they do for you.
                  • Tell your child how great they are at hugging and smiling.
                  • Tell your boss their leadership inspires you.

                    Go the extra mile by being specific instead of vague. Specificity feels entirely different to receive. 

                    9. Plan your impact

                      It’s one thing to have an idea about how you’ll make an impact; it’s another to take action on your idea and turn a vision into reality. 

                      Don’t leave things to chance. 

                      Turn talk into action by figuring out the practical steps that will help you manifest your vision. Identify milestones, set deadlines, and build the habits needed to move the needle. 

                      Magic really does happen when you see your ideas through from beginning to end.

                      10. Cultivate resilience 

                        Progress can feel painfully slow at the beginning. You may even start to wonder if your effort is worth it at all. But just like a stationary car is hard to move initially, once you overcome the inertia the momentum builds. 

                        So don’t give up! 

                        Keep going, knowing the energy you’ve invested has to show up somewhere. And if things don’t work out as you hoped, don’t take it personally. Instead, get comfortable with setbacks and extract the lessons from your ‘failures’. This resilience will make you tougher and inspire you to weather any storm. 

                        How are you making an impact in your life and your world? 

                        I hope these ideas inspire you. 

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