13 Week Goals Are The Fastest Way To Change Your Life

13 Week Goals Are The Fastest Way To Change Your Life

What are thousands of people doing to improve their lives in no time flat?

Have you started a New Year’s resolution? Are you already staring down the barrel of another year failed? You're not alone. We all get inspired by the grand ideas in our resolutions. They take the mediocre and mold it into something incredible. Inspiration leads us to a desire to take action, but grand ideas are not executable. That’s why despite best intentions you’ve already hit a wall. To effectively use inspiration you have to channel it right, or you'll ultimately end up in the loop of inaction. Unsure what to do next, and questioning every decision you make. Where should you channel your inspiration?  


Into Setting 13 Week Goals

It’s no gimmick. 13 week goals is a how everyday people are turning the inspiration of hopes and dreams into sane and sensible steps for real life change.

If you’ve already gone through the exercise of visualization with us, assessed your goals to be S.M.A.R.T. and built a calendar that gets you excited for the year. You've got some inspiration built up and created a desire for change! Turning that into clear 13 week milestones is the last thing you need to achieve lasting change.

Use that energy you've riled up and let’s build a plan of commitment to make your success inevitable!

Success is a habit. Give this a heart if you agree!

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Take a breath, relax your shoulders, and let’s ask ourselves some questions.

In a few easy steps we’re going to show you a big vision broken down into a 13 week goal. The result will amaze you!  


No Goal Too Big


To get started with 13 week goals let’s do a basic exercise. First you need a vision for your future. Think about the perfect ending to a goal you are working on right now. Remember, the idea behind visualization is to go big! Don’t hold back and don’t “be realistic”! Target something that sends chills of excitement down your back and frightens you!

Now, take a moment and connect with that big thing, what it means to accomplish it, and what it will feel like when you do.

Got it? Do you feel excited and scared?


Now that your heart rate is up let’s get a few questions answered to flesh out these goals.

13 Week Goals Questionnaire:

  1. How much time do you have available to do pursue your goal?
  2. What is the one important thing you must do to make progress?
  3. What are 4 milestones you can celebrate on the way to achieving your vision?
  4. What can you accomplish if you do this one thing everyday for 13 weeks?
  5. How close does that get you to your goal?

Let’s look at an example answering these questions.

Big Vision:

My goal is to write a 100,000 word novel!

Sounds pretty exciting and scary to me!

Questionnaire answered:

  1. I have only 1 hour of free time to write.
  2. The one thing I must do to make progress is write.
  3. I can celebrate reaching each 25,000 word section.
  4. 25,000 words divided by 13 weeks or 91 days = roughly 275 words a day.
  5. With just 275 words written everyday for 13 weeks, I can write 100,000 words.

Bump up 275 to 300 just for kicks. Does that sound like something you could do?   

Connecting 13 Week Goals with the Calendar


The year calendar is great for your vision, but it’s too big for 13 weeks. Just like thinking about 100,000 words is too big!

Thinking about 25,000 words? Less scary...

Thinking about 300 words? Not scary at all!

So right now take a calendar you reference everyday and block out 13 weeks of time.  


Add these two elements to your calendar:

  1. Write the one thing you need to accomplish at the bottom of each day for the 13 weeks.
  2. Cross off the day when you complete the one thing needed to achieve your goal.

Commit yourself to not break the chain of cross offs! Do that and you'll be just like Jerry Seinfeld!    



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Not Sure?




Going Further Together


Have a vision, but not sure how the breakdown looks?

Share your vision and let’s break it down together!  


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