When you commit to a journaling practice, you’re in great company. Everyone from Einstein, to Marie Curie, to Mark Twain poured their thoughts into notebooks.

Journaling is the act of reflecting on your life, your thoughts, your ideas, and your experiences. It’s a practice that cultivates an inner journey that takes you to the core of who you really are.

Some people journal daily, others when they feel the urge to do so. Whatever your frequency one thing’s for sure… journaling is a practice that can enhance your life significantly.

Keep reading to discover FIVE reasons why…

1. Reduce mental clutter to boost your productivity and creativity

Each day you have thousands of thoughts – estimates suggest this can be as high as 70,000 a day.

Most of these thoughts blend unnoticed and unprocessed into your subconscious. You can’t be consciously aware of it all – the overwhelm would drive you insane!

But that’s not all… a big chunk of your daily thoughts are repetitive ones. The same issues circle around your mind because you haven’t found closure or made a decision.

Journaling helps clean up the mental clutter caused by a hyperactive brain. Instead of allowing thoughts to run out of control, you can articulate and process them in your journal. Use your journal as an external brain. Instead of letting your thinking get out of control, pull on the threads to get clarity. As you write your way through a dilemma, an emotion, a train of thought (or however else thought shows up), you’ll be able to make the connections that lead to the answers which can put thoughts to bed.

In this way, journaling helps sort through mental clutter. You can write yourself the clarity you need to make decisions and move on. In turn, you’ll free up the bandwidth you need for maximum focus and productivity.

2. Learn from your life and cultivate self-awareness

Every conversation, experience, decision, success, failure, and mistake provides an opportunity to learn. When you journal about events like these you learn more about yourself, and more about life:

    • What do you like (and dislike)
    • What raises your stress levels (and keeps you calm)
    • What pushes you out of your comfort zone (and what makes you feel safe)
    • What inspires and energizes you (and what drains your energy)

Aristotle said “the unexamined life is not worth living.”

Put your life under the microscope by journaling about your experiences and you can pull out the learnings to fuel your next steps. In this way, journaling becomes a catalyst to your best life because it helps you:

    • Consolidate your ideas
    • Find the meaning in events and situations
    • See how you can be better
    • Spot the patterns and trends
    • Challenge your beliefs and values

Proactively reflect on your life and you can make better decisions, avoid repeating the same mistakes, and confidently choose the opportunities that lead to a life you love.

When you know who you are at your core, you can make decisions that align with your truth.

It’s how journaling can help you get unstuck, keep you growing, and empower you to live a fully expressed life – every single day.

3. Generate ideas

Journaling gets thought onto paper.

Even better, it allows you to stretch a thought and see where it ends up in a way that’s not possible when you’re thinking.

As you reflect and process your thoughts, it’s inevitable new ideas are going to show up.

That’s what happens when you reflect to make sense of events. Journaling fuels a new perspective, which empowers you to create new connections.

And that gives birth to new ideas.

They say all the answers are locked inside you.

Your best ideas and insights bubble up when you think below the surface and dive below the obvious.

Challenge yourself in your journal and who knows what fresh ideas will show themselves. Ideas for business, relationships, your life… create an environment for creative thinking and you’ll open all kinds of new doors.

4. Cultivate self-improvement

Success is as much mindset as it is execution.

Why is it some people can crush anything they set out to achieve while others struggle to get out of the starting blocks? More often than not, success comes down to the conversation you have between your ears.

As Henry Ford said, “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

A regular journaling practice helps you cultivate the inner shifts that empower you to step into your full potential.

Journal around your limiting beliefs and dive deep into the thought processes and belief systems that hold you back and you can transform them.

Imagine the alternative…

There’s so much you don’t know about yourself. Deep-rooted beliefs drive your everyday behaviors and if these don’t serve you, then you’ll never be able to achieve your full potential.

But write your way to your best self and everything changes.

5. A permanent record of growth

It’s not always easy to see how far you’ve come because you’re too close to it all.

Your journal provides the distance you need to track and appreciate your own journey.

As well as reminiscing on events and experiences from the past, your journal will allow you to track how your thoughts, beliefs, and aspirations change with time.

It’s the closest you’ll get to a time machine!

The chance to look back and step into the shoes of who you once were so you can see how far you’ve come.

Bonus! Fuel for social media!

In our hyper-connected, social world the lines between our personal and private lives are incredibly blurred.

It’s the age of social sharing – whether that’s for personal or business reasons.

If your business benefits from your social presence, journaling is an incredible tool for creating unique, personality-rich content. Journal about your life and you’ll uncover interesting insights and lessons that you can share with your audience.

It’s a powerful way to create content that’s unique to you – because no one else has lived the same life as you, no one else has the same perspective as you, and no one else has had the same experiences as you.

When you share from this place of authenticity, your stories and social sharing can spark conversations that might actually go somewhere.  

NEW! Journaling tools for high achievers

Journaling works best when you dive below the obvious and start exploring the core of your thinking.

But how do you guide your mind to delve deep into the parts of you that you’ve previously unexplored?

The answer is really simple…

You as yourself different questions – questions that:

  • Inspire you to get you curious about who you are
  • Force you to think along different lines
  • Challenge you to pull back the layers so you can see what’s hidden underneath
  • Guide you to think deeper (and beyond the obvious)
  • Empower you to discover the real truth

It’s not easy to ask yourself these deep, probing questions – especially if you’re not used to thinking along these lines.

It’s why we created these Prompt Card Decks.

We’ll ask the questions so you can come up with the answers.

There are THREE decks to choose from:

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Ready to do the deep reflective work, but don’t know where to start? We got you! These journaling prompts will inspire your thinking and get you more clarity and insight in ALL areas of your life. Get ready to write your way to more confidence, self-belief, and self-awareness.

And if you want the perfect notebook to capture all your genius insights, check out Scribe. Packed with dot grid paper and a host of get-organized features, it’s the notebook for high-achievers.

Journaling is a catalyst to your best life.

Providing an outlet for thinking, reflection, and idea generation, practiced regularly you can write your way to your best self.