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Turn Failure Into Motivation

Turn Failure Into Motivation

The most successful entrepreneurs always seem to be full of motivation. Even when something goes wrong, they're eager and ready to go. They don't just get back up after falling; it's like they never fell in the first place. How do they manage this great attitude? It turns out that they've learned how to turn failure into motivation. Here are some of the ways they do this:

They Accept the Novice Phase of Their Endeavors

No matter what someone tries to do, they're almost certain to not be too good at it when they first start. Imagine the sound of a child taking his or her first violin lesson. The instrument screeches and scrapes. It doesn't sound like music at all. Yet, by practicing over and over, that same child eventually learns how to produce beautiful sounds.

It works the same in business. The first steps are fraught with errors and missteps. A caseload of inventory may end up collecting dust. Yet the successful person knows that, just like the child, practice is what is needed to fix these issues. He or she simply accepts the fact that missteps are part of the journey to victory.

They Plan - But Not Too Much

Many people aren't successful at business because they never really get going. They read hundreds of books and newsletters, and make all sorts of plans, but they never actually do anything. For these people, the problem is too much planning. They need to stop researching and planning, and instead, start doing.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are people who never plan anything. As soon as they get an idea, they jump in with no idea where they'll land. Unfortunately, a complete lack of planning brings results that are just as bad as too much of it. Before diving in, take a few moments to make sure you won't land in a pool of sulfuric acid.

They're Honest With Themselves

This takes many forms. One of the most important is that they don't make excuses or try to shift the blame for their current situation or their mistakes. Instead, they learn from mistakes and use these lessons to improve themselves and their businesses.

Another important form of this trait is that they do their best to make an accurate assessment of their knowledge. All too often, people think they know everything about a particular subject. Then, if that knowledge is wrong, they end up making the wrong choices and end up failing. It's better to remain curious about everything and make sure to find out about opposing viewpoints. While it may turn out that the other viewpoint is indeed incorrect, it may also be the case that some of it is right and should be incorporated.

They Don't Believe in Impossibility

Successful people simply do not believe in impossibility. Everything is possible, and if this doesn't seem to be the case, that just means that a new way of doing things needs to be discovered. This mindset was held by inventors like the Wright Brothers, who were thought to be insane by their contemporaries. Modern challenges are just as possible; it's just a matter of finding out how to do them.

They Consider Failures to be Important Lessons

This is one of the big keys to outright turning failures into motivations. Successful people never accept the notion that there is a time to just give up. Instead, they analyze each subpar result so as not to make the same mistake the next time they try - and then they try again. This process is repeated until success is reached.

Follow these tips to keep yourself motivated!

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