Setting The Tone

When we do anything that we've never done before. There's always going to be an initial struggle.

This struggle is going to trigger our brains to engage with us in a way the enforces the status quo. This is because as far as the instinctual parts of our brains are concerned change is equal to danger.

It has no processes or habits in place to engage with the new undertaking without providing immense resources. So it will do what it can to convince you to keep things the way they are.

Each part of the journal has a role to play in helping your brain recognize the change is safe and correct. Your wins are arguably the most important part of this. Because while all the other sections do invaluable things like help you set an endpoint, stay focused, deal with unforeseen challenges, and builds awareness around the work.

If you do all of that but cannot or will not see the benefits you're gaining from pushing through the struggle. You'll be doing very little to convince your instinctual brain that this new change is positive.

Even if you push through without ever recognizing wins. You run the risk of having a significantly negative outlook on the struggle you've gone through and this can easily lead to relapse and a loss of all the progress you've made.

Wins are how you learn to love what you are doing, to find joy in the changes you are making and so find lasting change.

Prompt 1: Consistency Maintained

I maintained consistency by...

Why is this important?
Especially when we start something brand new, maintaining consistency is everything.

This may feel insignificant, but writing down consistency as a win notifies your brain that this action done daily is vital for "survival".

In this way, it will stop giving you reasons to not do it, and instead, start prioritizing it over anything else.

Think about your most basic tasks, taking a shower brushing your teeth. You want the tasks you are establishing in relation to your goal to be as vital and automatic as that.

Prompt 2: Effort Made

I made the effort to...

Why is this important?
Everything that can go wrong, will. This is true of almost everything, especially anything new. It's ok that this happens.

Because failure is not an event, but a choice. No matter what happens as long as you don't stop you can't fail. It's only when you chose to stop that you've truly failed- this is the only scenario where there is no chance to accomplish what you set out to do.

In recognizing your effort. The brain begins to understand what you've set out to do is important and that it needs to put more resources towards making the effort. The more it dedicates to this. The less it has to enforce the status quo.

Prompt 3: Growth Experienced

I experienced growth in...

Why is this important?
This is one of the most critical things you can recognize for your wins at the start. Growth during the beginning will not be leaps and bounds, it will be in the smallest increments. You should not diminish but celebrate these increments as significant achievements.

This will create positive emotions that you're instinctual brain will latch onto. It's whole purpose and goal is to make sure you survive, it does this by encouraging you to do things that have created positive responses.
So if you want to get your brain on your side you need to show it why what you are doing is good.

Prompt 4: Awareness Built

I built awareness around...

Why is this important?
Few things cause as much anxiety as not knowing and a surprising amount of our reactions come from automatic responses.

Because of this, we find ourselves repeating the same mistakes. Not for lack of trying but purely because we are not paying close enough attention to our emotions around events.

Awareness stops these automatic responses in their tracks. Every time you engage your brain so it doesn't act instinctually but off assessment. You'll begin to reprogram the brain's automatic response to something beneficial for your current situation.

Prompt 5: Contribution Given

I gave my contribution to...

Why is this important?
With most things that we do we hope that our actions and efforts contribute to something. Personal, Family, or Society as a whole. We want to make an impact and be part of something bigger than ourselves.

In this way, even the most introverted of us remain decidedly social creatures. This is why is critical to recognize yourself for any contributions you've made and highlight them.

Whether someone recognizes you, you recognize someone else, you see that someone you've done has improved, or impacted a group of people. This is a win your brain very much needs to recognize your efforts around your new goal is beneficial.

This is particularly important to do is you are in an environment where you are underappreciated or unrecognized.

Prompt 6: Connections Established

I established connections with...

Why is this important?
Studies have shown that the most fulfilled lives are the ones that had deep and meaningful relationships.

It's said in business. It's not what you know, it's who you know.

In self-help, you are the sum total of the 5 people you hang around the most.

No matter how you slice it the connections you make and maintain matter. Of course, you have a choice in your relationships and you should only associate with those you decide to. But recognizing these connections as major wins is critical to finding more joy, maintaining momentum, and achieving massive growth.

Value your connections as wins. They are arguably the most important thing in your life.

Prompt 7: Happy Surprise

A happy surprise is...

Why is this important?
Serendipity is a product of the subconscious brain working on a problem and finding a result on its own.

The instinctual brain also takes unexpected benefits as massive proof that the task you're engaged in is positive.

Whether it's holidays, birthdays or any regularly celebrated event. The brain anticipates these things by triggering massive excitement and motivation. This is because so much positivity surrounds it, particularly of the surprising variety.

You want the brain to recognize the actions + tasks related to your goal to be this level of positive. If you can.

Prompt 8: Achieved Victory

I achieved victory in...

Why is this important?
This is the ultimate win. The thing we most think about when thinking of Wins. The ultimate goal is achieved. Maximum recognition, material gain, or impact is made.
Of course, when you achieve this you'll write it as a win, share it with the group, and shout it from the rooftops! We expect nothing else and are happy to celebrate the win with you!

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